The 'News & Events' page has been added to provide a page to detail additional news and events connected to our Church.

This will include information on people and places with connections to Kilsyth Burns & Old.  We will also use this page to detail upcoming events within our town organised by people and groups other than our Church.  Might not be much for 2020 due to the Covid19 virus restrictions but hopefully 2021 will make up for this.

We do hope you enjoy!

An enquiry was received via e-mail recently from a lady by the name of Penny Kidd who lives in New Zealand. She had read our website as she is researching her family story. She wanted to make sure she was in contact with the correct church as a distant relative, the Rev Duncan Cameron, had been a minister at Kilsyth Parish Church. Again, via our website, she had read that there is a dedication plaque for him. 


The photograph on the right of this page was taken and sent to Ms Kidd who quickly replied that she was delighted with this. Rev Cameron's eldest son emigrated to the US and her research and photo will be shared with his family there. Isn't modern technology wonderful?                                                                           (25 November 2020)

The Leprosy Mission Scotland

In September last year, TLM held a conference at Holyrood to highlight the fact that Lerosy is a curable disease if spotted early enough. 2020 was to be a year of campaigning and fundraising to work towards eradicating leprosy in 15 years. Sadly, because of the pandemic, this has had to be put on hold.

Please keep TLM Scotland in your prayers and if possible, keep filling the little coin boxes. Like all charities, finance is still important in order that the leprosy clinics can keep functioning.


The Lodging House Mission

Christmas boxes

As announced earlier this month, the Lodging House Mission were unable to accept boxes this year. Instead, donations were handed in to Cant's shop in the Main Street. The result was that two cars were loaded (back seats and boots) along with an envelope containing £350 of donations and delivered. These were very warmly received and the Mission would like to thank everyone very much for their contribution to this worthy cause. (28 December 2020.)

We have just heard from the Lodging House Mission that this year they are unable to accept the Christmas boxes as they did in the past. They are suggesting we deliver the items usually in the Christmas boxes to them and they will make up "Christmas Parcels" and distribute them or we can make a donation to their Christmas appeal and they will purchase the items required.

David Cant has agreed to accept items or donations at his shop, as he did for the local foodbank at Harvest, from Monday 14 December.

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