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We have fresh flowers donated by volunteers, displayed in the Sanctuary every Sunday.


The flowers are handed into the church hall on a Saturday morning before volunteers arrange them into vases.

Church flowers 12 June 2022
Flowers displayed in the church chancel
flowers prepared by personal ministries team for others

After morning worship the flowers are delivered to homes in the local community by a volunteer driver.

If you can spare some time to help deliver the church flowers, please contact us.

People who receive flowers appreciate that others are thinking and praying for them.

Family Visit

The Pastoral Care Group visits members of the church who are either housebound or in care homes.

The visitors visit in twos.

If you would like a visit, please let a member of the group know or contact us via our website.

Church Tulips Feb 20.jpg

If you are interested in any aspects of this personal ministry whether it would be donating or delivering flowers to others, or joining the Pastoral Care Team we'd love to hear from you, please get in touch through our contact us enquiry form.


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