In normal times we meet in the large hall every Sunday and go into the Church for a very short time at the beginning of the service and then have lots of different activities in the hall.


We have a Combi-Television which allows us to play DVD's, connect our laptop, and watch and play songs the Storybook Bible and other Children's christian programmes.

20 September

Today, we completed this part of Jacob's story. God had told Jacob that it was time to return home so he set off with his whole family, his servants and his animals. Jacob was worried about seeing his brother Esau again and more so when the messengers he sent ahead told him that Esau was coming to meet him with 400 men. Jacob chose various animals as presents for Esau, to be sent ahead with his servants. Jacob prayed to God for help and when he finally met his brother, Esau welcomed him with open arms and all the old quarrels were forgotten.

Many years later, Jacob's family became known as the children of Israel. All God's promises to Jacob had been fulfilled.

This story reminds us that God is always with us, wherever we are and whatever is happening in our lives.

13 September

Everyone was delighted to see our minister, Bob on screen briefly at the beginning of our Zoom meeting today. We hope the congregation on the conference call could hear the children saying hello at the start of the church service.

Today, we continued the story of Jacob who had fled from home and gone to live with his uncle in Haran. His Uncle Laban had two daughters, Leah and her younger sister Rachel. Jacob asked his uncle if he could marry Rachel and his uncle agreed, provided Jacob worked for him for seven years. Jacob did this and when the time came for him to marry Rachel, his uncle tricked him and he marred Leah instead. (It was the custom for the oldest daughter to be married first.) So, Jacob had to work for another seven years before he could also marry Rachel. That was a long time!

Jacob continued to work for Laban for many years and was paid in sheep and goats. He became a wealthy man. He had a large family of 11 sons and one daughter. One day, God told Jacob that he should take his family and return home. God promised that he would always be with him.

Next week, we will see what happened when Jacob returned home again and met with his brother Esau.

6 September

We were delighted to see the boys and girls on Zoom today although some internet connections were causing problems. Our story today was the beginning of a series about Jacob. We learned that after tricking his father into giving him the blessing that should rightfully have gone to his brother Esau, Jacob had to leave his home and go to stay with his uncle Laban who lived in Haran.

It was a long journey and Jacob stopped to rest at sunset. He lay down to sleep with his head rested on a large rock. He had a dream. He saw a ladder reaching from earth to heaven with angels going up and down on it and he heard God speaking to him. God promised Jacob many things and said that He would watch over him and never leave him.

We thought about how God is always with us no matter where we are or what we are doing.

We all had a chat together and then closed the meeting with a prayer. 

30 August

Thank you to everyone who joined us for our regular Sunday School meeting today on Zoom. Unfortunately, there were technical issues and Lorraine will be contacting Zoom to sort out the problem before next week.

We were disappointed not to get a proper chance to spend time with the children today but we look forward to seeing them all next week.

Please do join us boys and girls!

23 August

This week's Zoom meeting began with one of the Christian music videos which has actions for the children to follow. The girls were joining in this week! Emma said her own very meaningful prayer which spoke about the children being back at school and how they might feel about that. Cara and Isla told us about their pet rabbits and how they look after them and how much they care about them. There was more music and chat and we all joined together in a closing prayer.

16 August

We resumed our Zoom meetings for the new session and it was great to see the children again. Lorraine welcomed everyone and we all had a little time to catch up. Emma  opened the meeting with a prayer and this was followed by a prayer from Scott who had made up his own words for the prayer. Well done and thank you both.

(Left is a photo of the sunflowers grown by Isla and Cara.)

Lorraine and Emma played a music video which showed the actions for everyone to follow. They gave a lively demonstration themselves, but the children were a bit slow to join in - perhaps next week.  The music was followed by a quiz about the stories we had heard last session. In order for everyone to take part at the same time, there was a choice of two answers to each question and everyone put their hands up for what they thought was the correct answer. the boys and girls did brilliantly with almost every single answer being correct.

Next, we had a few "back to school" jokes and then an update on the sunflowers. Cara and Isla were the definite winners with huge plants and great big flowers. The meeting was closed with a prayer which everyone repeated.  It was good to be back and we hope that more children will be able to join us next week.

New Session

The autumn session of the Sunday School will be "Zooming" back into action on Sunday 16 August at 11.00am. Lorraine will e-mail a link to enable you to join the Zoom meetings. We look forward to seeing you again, boys and girls.

If you know of any other children who would like to join us, please contact us via the website for more information. All are welcome!

We continue to have a mix of activities each week, including stories (sometimes short DVD's), music, crafts and games. All children are invited to come along and join us. We would be very happy to see you. Please contact us if you know of any children who would like to come along and find out more.

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