In normal times we meet in the large hall every Sunday and go into the Church for a very short time at the beginning of the service and then have lots of different activities in the hall.


We have a Combi-Television which allows us to play DVD's, connect our laptop, and watch and play songs the Storybook Bible and other Children's christian programmes.

30 May 2021

Today was our last Zoom meeting for this session. As we begin the summer break, it is unclear whether we will be able to meet togethr again in the church hall after the summer holidays or if we will continue to use Zoom.

Sunday School will restart when the schools go back after the summer holidays. Due to the current situation, we will give full restart details nearer the time when we have more information available.

Although we have not posted weekly updates for some time, we have continued with a range of Bible stories and other activities each week.  The numbers attending were small, as online meetings do not suit everyone, but those who did take part were really great and we enjoyed seeing them every week.  They watched short DVD stories, answered questions, chatted about things and were very lively in moving about their living rooms during the action games.  Well done to them all!

We do hope that we will be able to see everyone together again after the holidays and of course any children who would like to join us will be made very welcome at that time.

Autumn Session 2021

All departments of our Sunday School will be back to their usual routines from next Sunday 22 August at 11.00. All children from birth to 16 years should meet in the large hall. It has been a long time coming and we are looking forward to seeing everyone again. Anyone wishing to join please contact us.

14 February 2021

7 February 2021







Today we continued the story about Moses which we began last week. We have watched a series of short dvd's which have taken us up to the escape from Egypt and the parting of the Red Sea. All showing God's power working through Moses.


After some questions and answers about the story, we also enjoyed some action songs and games.

17 January 2021

This is the second week of this year's Zoom meetings. We watched a short video about King David and then told a further bit of the story. The children answered questions and we then went on to further discussions. We closed the meeting as always with a prayer for the week ahead.

Today being Valentine's Day, with it's theme of love, we thought about God's love for us and for all people. We had action songs, prayers and the parable of the Lost Sheep, which Jesus told to explain to us how much God loves and cares for every single one of us. We are all important to him.

13 December

Today, we each read a bit of the Christmas story and then had another quiz with some tricky questions which were answered very well. We finished with a prayer and some music. Next week, the boys and girls are invited to join the congregation for the Christmas Service by phoning in on the new number: 0345 388 7442 at 11.00am and entering the pin number 462824 when prompted. (The original phone number of 03300 883434 with the same pin number should still work.)

We will take a break from our Zoom meetings for a few weeks and Sunday School will restart on Sunday 10 January 2021 at 11.00am. We look forward to welcoming the children back then and if any new children would like to join us, please contact us via the home page for a link to the Zoom meeting.

Our very best wishes to everyone for a Happy Christmas.

6 December

This week we used the script  (which we had previously sent out) for a discussion between the shepherds; firstly when the angel appeared and spoke to them and then after they had visited baby Jesus in the stable. The boys and girls each read parts of the story and filled in the missing words from a separate list. Some answers were quite tricky and they all did really well.

29 November

Today, we thought about the Wise Men and how God sent his Son for the whole world. We discussed what it would have been like in Bethlehem, what the houses would be like etc. Then we thought about the whole world and how different things are, even the words we use to describe the same things. We had a lively quiz about this, with even more suggestions from the boys and girls; well done!

There was also an update about Worku, the boy we sponsor through World Vision, along with a recent photograph. Worku lives in a village in Ethiopia and we searched for this on our map. We have already sent a card to him with wishes for Joy, Peace and Hope at Christmas.

22 November

Today, we began a series looking at the people involved in the Nativity story and we thought about Mary and Joseph who received such amazing news from the angels.  We learned what kind of man Joseph was and that he was always obedient to God.

We completed a crossword and had an active game followed by an action song. A pack will be sent to all the children before next Sunday with Christmas craft materials as well as activity sheets and word searches. We hope they will enjoy this special time of year in the life of the Church.

15 November

As the adults held a Communion Service today, the Sunday School held a celebration of The Lord's Supper on our Zoom meeting. We all had a piece of bread and some juice or water and joined together as if we were sharing a special meal. We explained why we do this in remembrance of Jesus. We closed our meeting by saying The Lord's Prayer together.

8 November

Our ​Zoom meeting today was all about Remembrance Sunday. Lorraine had a wonderful display behind her with the large outline of a soldier and other pictures, plus lots and lots of poppies. She discussed with the children why there is a Remembrance Day and what it is all about. She spoke about some people known to her who were particularly affected as a result of recent wars. Prayers were said for those who lost their lives and for peace in our world.

1 November

This week, we heard the story of Matthew (also called Levi). He was a tax collector and the Jewish people did not like people who collected taxes for the Romans, especially as most of the took more money than they should and kept it for themselves. Jesus called Matthew to leave his work and follow Him. Matthew did as Jesus said and he prepared a feast for Jesus at this house. People were angry that Jesus should eat with such people but Jesus told them that He was there to forgive people and bring them to God.

25 October

Lorraine and Emma dressed the part for our Hallowe'en themed Zoom meeting today and the boys and girls showed us the decorations they will put in their windows. These included pumpkins which were an important part of our story today. Each year, we tell a World Vision story with a Christian message about Patch, the little Pumpkin with a big heart. This time, Patch was sad when he was left on the side lines during a football match with Amira and her friends, but was thrilled when he was later included and in fact helped score a goal! The story reminds us how important it is for us to include people who might feel left out.


We hope the children will enjoy looking for pumpkins in windows when they are out walking and we will hear how many they have found when we meet again next week.

4 October

Today's Zoom meeting began with a lively action song from Lorraine and this was followed by a prayer by Emma. Our story was about Hidden Treasures and related to all the people around us who go about quietly helping others. Jesus told his disciples that whenever they did something to help other people, it was a though they were doing it for Him.

The boys and girls have worksheets to complete with pictures or names of people who help us. There is also a prayer cube to make up and use, to help in our prayers, eg "thank you", "sorry" etc.

After an action video song we closed the meeting with prayer.

We continue to have a mix of activities each week, including stories (sometimes short DVD's), music, crafts and games. All children are invited to come along and join us. We would be very happy to see you. Please contact us if you know of any children who would like to come along and find out more.