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Heavenly Father, as we stand at the threshold of our future, we earnestly seek Your divine guidance.

We pray You illuminate our path and mold our future plans in alignment with your purpose.


Dear Lord, source of all wisdom and understanding, guide us to make decisions that ensure a better future.

Prayer Suggestions for June

  • Pray for those with learning difficulties. May they know they are loved and matter.

  • Pray for the environment and the sustainability of the earth.

  • Pray for  the local community and businesses would flourish.

  • Pray for the elderly, the housebound and those in care homes. May they feel valued and be cared for.


Thank you for visiting the Try Praying page of our website. We launched this initiative on Sunday 24th April 2016 with the distribution of several hundred Try Praying booklets to our congregation, both young and old.

You may have accessed this page either out of curiosity or because you have found or been passed a copy of the Try Praying booklet and accepted our added invitation to visit this page. Either way we would be delighted to hear from you.  If you wish, please take a moment to share your name and/or location via Contact Us on the Home Page along with any thoughts about the Try Praying booklet or your experience of praying or indeed any other aspect of prayer.

Our intention is that this page tracks the geographical reach of at least some of our Try Praying booklets as they pass from one person to another. However, our broader mission is to capture your thoughts and insights as a testament to the power of prayer and the love of God.


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