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Heavenly Father, as we stand at the threshold of our future, we earnestly seek Your divine guidance.

We pray You illuminate our path and mold our future plans in alignment with your purpose.


Dear Lord, source of all wisdom and understanding, guide us to make decisions that ensure a better future.

Recently Rev Bob's sermons have included themes of 'little acts of kindness' and how you may never know how far kind acts you do will ultimately reach. 

A member of our congregational family suggested sharing this poem by Jim Yerman as a beautiful analogy of  'little acts of kindness'.

Fishing with my Dad

I was fishing with my Dad one day, sitting on the shore

I can't remember, was it the fishing or the sitting I liked more?

When Dad handed me a little stone and said, "Give this rock a throw,

toss it in the lake and lets see where the ripples go".

When it broke the surface the water immediately began to shake

and before I knew it, those ripples had spread out across the lake.

"Kindness is like that pebble" he said "For every act of kindness that you throw

will ripple out in all directions, you never know how far they go.

And as you watch the ripples spread out, this is also true;

some of the ripples from that kindness will ripple back to you".

We both went back to fishing, sitting on the shore, now I remember:

it wasn't the fishing, it was the sitting I liked more.

by Jim Yerman



Thank you for visiting the Try Praying page of our website. We launched this initiative on Sunday 24th April 2016 with the distribution of several hundred Try Praying booklets to our congregation, both young and old.

You may have accessed this page either out of curiosity or because you have found or been passed a copy of the Try Praying booklet and accepted our added invitation to visit this page. Either way we would be delighted to hear from you.  If you wish, please take a moment to share your name and/or location via Contact Us on the Home Page along with any thoughts about the Try Praying booklet or your experience of praying or indeed any other aspect of prayer.

Our intention is that this page tracks the geographical reach of at least some of our Try Praying booklets as they pass from one person to another. However, our broader mission is to capture your thoughts and insights as a testament to the power of prayer and the love of God.


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