1st & 1st A Kilsyth Rainbows

Rainbows is for girls aged between 5-7; it's exciting, messy, friendly and a lot of fun!

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The 1st Rainbows meet on a Wednesday evening 6:00pm - 7:00pm while the 1st A group meet on Thursday evenings.

A new Rainbow programme is now in use and, for the first time in Rainbow history, the girls can work towards activity  badges. They are very excited about this.


This photograph shows the girls doing a Rainbow skittle experiment.

The following pictures show the girls working on their activities and skills builders.

Once they complete all the clauses, they earn a theme award.

There are 6 theme awards to achieve and once these are complete the girls get their gold award.

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January/February 2021 - Rainbows

We recently had Lavendar Sparks along to read us the "Glasgow Gruffalo" and sing some Scottish songs. She is a fairy who read the story and the girls watched and listened - they loved it! So much so, we've asked her to come back in a couple of weeks time.

Last week we had the "Critter Keeper" along from Aberdeen to join us on Zoom. He showed us different critters including a frog, a spider, a parrot ad a snake. The girls got to see the critters and learn all about them and ask some questions at the end. The girls joined in but also a lot of them had their siblings with them to watch which was lovely.

This week the girls have a surprise interrupting goat appearing. It will interrupt our zoom meeting just after six and should be a good giggle for the girls - something different anyway!

We have a magician coming along in mid March to entertain us and will be open to the girls and their siblings again. This will be in zoom but I'm sure the girls will still have some popcorn at the ready and love it just as much as if they were in the hall.

In between these weeks, we are learning new songs and playing virtual games. The girls love the hedgehog game and the knife, fork and spoon game. This week we'll be hearing about them going back to school and doing some Thinking Day Activities.

Autumn/Winter 2020 - RAINBOWS

The Rainbows would like to say "thank you" to the Mission Group for their very thoughtful donation. It is very much appreciated and we look forward to putting the money to good use. We have been meeting on Zoom since September on Wednesday and Thursday evenings with packs being delivered to the girls containing materials for each week. We have played scavenger hunts and our favourite games. We have done a rainbow colour experiment and made lots of crafts, as well as singing all of our much loved songs. It has taken a little getting used to on this new platform but we are adapting and learning as we go to ensure we keep the girls and leaders involved during this time.

Many thanks again, we are very grateful for the donation received. Best wishes, from all at the Rainbows.

Round Rainbow
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Pudsey & Mars bar cakes
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Recent activities include:

We built tents and made mini camp-fires. We had a tea light and toasted mallows and made edible sparklers.

For the Pudsey Bear challenge badges - the girls and leaders were to "act our age" so we all did challenges such as 5 x friendship bracelets, 6 cupcakes. Valerie made 29 Mars bar cakes.

Here is another selection of the things that the girls and their leader made for the Pudsey challenge: 

5 rainbows, 6 pancakes, 6 jigsaws,

6 little craft bugs.

There is also a photograph of the badge the girls earned for completing the challenge. Well done everyone.


On Saturday 5 December the girls watched a Girlguiding virtual pantomime at 4.00pm. It was called "Sisterhood in the Wood" and is available on the Girlguiding facebook and website.

The girls all made their Rainbow Promise a few weeks ago. Last week, we each had a tub of play doh and we were also playing virtual charades. For the next two weeks, we have Christmas crafts planned. We are making cards and scratch art as well as sock snowmen.


December 2018

Both Rainbow units took part in this years (2018) Christmas Tree Festival by decorating their Rainbow Christmas tree and joined in with the Friday evening Christmas carol Sing-along.

Link to Girlguiding site

Any parents interested in their daughters joining either Brownies or Rainbows should visit the Girl Guiding website (detailed below) where you will receive all the information you need: