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The Mission Group has two main aims - one to work with organisations within Kilsyth Burns & Old and secondly to reach out to the local and worldwide community.

Mission Group Members:

John Comrie, Evelyn Hay, Janet Kidd, Lora Morrison, Maureen Bathgate, Mary Paterson and Janette Marshall.

MAY 2024

Eric Liddell Centenary, Service on 23 June 2024

As mentioned previously, the Mission Group is in the process of planning a special service to celebrate the centenary of Eric Liddell. Our meeting this month was devoted to planning this service, and we are very pleased that the Rev John McGregor will lead the service, and that Thomas Chalmers and the Rev Jim Patrick will also participate. We are very grateful to each of them for their time, effort and collaboration.

Further information is available in the form of a flyer in this month's edition of "Contact" and you may also see posters around the town. We hope that as many of you as possible will join us at 11.00am on Sunday 23rd June to celebrate the life and lasting legacy of Eric Liddell. We hope that it will be a very special occastion - one not to be missed!


Our Spring Garden Fair held on Saturday 4 May was a great success. A big thank you goes to all the people who contributed items to our stalls and home baking for the tearoom. We would also like to thank those who generously donated money towards this fundraiser.

Our thanks also to the volunteeers who either "manned" the various stalls or worked in the kitchen and was up to their elbows in teapots and Fairy Liquid!

The tremendous total so far is £2,160.00.  THANK YOU to everyone who came to support us.

APRIL 2024

Outreach Tea Bar

The Outreach Tea Bar which ran from January to March was once again a popular and worthwhie venture which was appreciated by many of our congregation and friends. Tea and coffee were served with home baking and good conversation in a warm and friendly atmosphere. A week did not go by without someone donating items to ensure we always had a treat on a Wednesay morning! Thank you to everyone who helped in the running of the Tea Bar in so many ways. The kind donations over the course of the months amounted to the wonderful sum of £365. It was not our intention to use this venture as a fundraising platform, however it allowed us to provide lunch on Palm Sunday and also make donations to charity which will be detailed in the next issue of Contact as well as here on the website. We look forward to welcoming familiar as well as new faces when the Tea Bar recommences in the Autumn. Many thanks again for your support.

Peace Garden

Sincere thanks are due to all those involved in continuing the good work to keep the Peace Garden tidy. The group also has plans for the Spring Garden Fair on Saturday 4 May.

We are pleased to advise that our designated dog warden has now visited the Peace Garden and is working closely with us to keep it free from dog fouling. You may already have spotted the additional notices she has put in place, and she continues to monitor the situation regularly. We are very grateful for her support.

Bicentenial Tree 17 April 2024
No Dog Fouling Notice
Peace Garden 17 April 2024

Eric Liddell Centenary

As mentioned previously, we plan to mark this centenary at morning worship on Sunday 23 June 2024. We are delighted to be working with the Rev John McGregor who will lead our worship that day. The Rev Jim Patrick, already known to many of us, will also participate in this special service to commemorate a Scotsman whose Christian faith directed each step of his life. KEEP THIS DATE IN YOUR DIARY - SUNDAY 23 JUNE.

We continue to appreciate the support of congregation and Session - many thanks to those who have passed on ideas; please continue to do so by speaking to any member of the group.

MARCH 2024

Outreach Tea Bar

The Mission Group would like to thank members of the congregation and their friends who have so kindly supported this new venture over the autumn and winter months. If you did not manage to come along over the past few months, please do join us when the Tea Bar re-commences in the autumn. We hope that you will enjoy tea/coffee and fellowship.

Tea Bar 2

Thank you to everyone who donated their time as well as goodies to make the teabar a success and such a worthwhile venture. We hope to have more of our congregation and friends join us for a cuppa on it's return in the autumn.

Peace Garden

Don't you agree that our Peace Garden is looking particularly beautiful just now with a splendid array of spring flowers? It certainly gladdens the heart in these cold, gloomy days.  We are extremely grateful to all those who continue to keep the Peace Garden looking so lovely despite the inclement weather and ongoing issues with dog fouling. We hope that the designated dog warden will soon visit the garden and be able to offer us support in this matter.

Palm Sunday Lunch

We hope that you were able to come along and enjoy the food and fellowship at this event held on Palm Sunday. We are grateful to all those who helped prepare and serve the food and for those who worked behind the scenes in the kitchen. Here ae a few photos to remind us of a lovely lunch (remember to open up).

Eric Liddell Centenary

We plan to mark this centenary at morning worship on Sunday 23 June 2024, more details will follow.


We continue to appreciate the support of congregation and session and welcome any thoughts or ideas you have. Please speak to any member of the group.


Outreach Tea Bar

We are holding a  "Pancake Wednesday" on 14 February; we hope you will be able to attend and enjoy the fellowship and delicious fare. The Tea Bar will continue to run each Wednesday between 10.00am and 12.00 noon up to and including Wednesday 20 March 2024. We will then resume in the autumn. Please continue to come along on a Wednesday to enjoy a cup of tea or coffee; remember that this is open to everyone, so bring your friends too!

Church Snowdrops Feb 24

Peace Garden

Despite the new signage, we sadly continue to experience considerable issues with dog fouling in the church grounds and there has been some damage to the grass.  We will contact the dog warden for further help and advice and also plan to speak to a local garden centre manager for advice on maintaining this area. We continue to be very grateful to those volunteers who help keep the Peace Garden clean and tidy in these difficult circumstances.

Future Plans

A light lunch will be provided after the Palm Sunday service on 24 March; we look forward to sharing in fellowship with you then.

We continue with our plans to mark the centenary of Eric Liddell and details will follow.

We continue to appreciate the support of the congregation and Session and welcome any thoughts or ideas you have. Please share them with any member of the group.


The Mission Goup wishes everyone a happy and healthy New Year. We held our first meeting of 2024 on Monday 15 January.

Review of Carols and Reflections by Candlelight

We would like to thank all those who attended and supported this service. The service seemed to be well received and we plan to continue with this model for December 2024.

Outreach Tea Bar/"Pancake Wednesday"

The tea bar recommenced on Wednesday 10 January and we look forward to continuing to welcome you on Wednesdays between 10.00am and 12 noon. In addition to providing a happy meeting place, donations to this tea bar and the Sunday tea bar have enabled the Mission Group to donate £150 to Kilsyth Food Bank and £100 to the Leprosy Mission. Thank you for helping us to support these very worthy causes.

Advance Notice!

Homemade pancakes will be served at the regular Outreach Tea Bar on Wednesday 14 February between 10.00 am and 12.00 noon - please put this date in your diary and come along for a chat and very tasty pancakes!

Plans for 2024

We are in the process of discussing plans for Palm sunday, and we are thinking about how we might, as a church, mark the centenary of Eric Liddell, the talented runner who went on to serve as a missionary in China.

As always, we are grateful for your support and we elcome any thought or ideas you may have. Please share them with any member of the group.

December 2023

Christmas Tree Festival

Here are a few photographs from the Christmas Tree Festival held on Friday 1st December. The church looked absolutely beautiful and it's thanks to everyone who decorated a tree. The church choir sang in the afternoon followed by the Rainbows and Brownies in the evening. A very enjoyable time was had. Total raised was £1,923.