The Mission Group has two main aims - one to work with organisations within Kilsyth Burns & Old and secondly to reach out to the local and worldwide community.

Mission Group Members:

Bob Johnston, John Comrie, Evelyn Hay, Janet Kidd, Lora Morrison, Maureen Bathgate, Mary Paterson and Janette Marshall.

June 2022

Support for Ukraine: The Mission Group was totally overwhelmed by the generosity of the congregation in their response to our collections to support the people of Ukraine. The final figure which was sent to the Disasters Emergency Committee (DEC) was an amazing £2,042. The total included £274 from donations for lapel ribbons. We know that many of you had already given separately to charities supporting the humanitarian crisis and we thank everyone for also supporting our apeal.

Walking Group: See latest information under Walking Group page. There will be walks over the summer months and details will be included in the Sunday mornng intimations, in the Orders of Service and here on the website.  The walks are open to all and we would encourage anyone who enjoys easy walking in enjoyable company to come along. You will be made very welcome.

Peace Garden: The gardening group went shopping for some new shrubs using the money from the Mission Group's turn to do the teas after church on Sundys during April. These plants are now established in the garden giving some additional colour and texture. When we started the garden in 2020, times were very different and we were very limited in what was available, so it was really good to be able to have these funds which gave us the wherewithall to go out and choose these new plants. Some additional summer bedding will also be added in due course.


If, over the summer months you would like to be involved with the Peace Garden, either doing some light maintenance, giving ideas of what you would like to see in the garden or coming down for a chat when the Gardening Team is there, please speak to any Mission Group member. We want you to feel it is your garden and we welcome your input and your company.

Service of Thanksgiving and Celebration: As we emerge from the pandemic, it is planned to have a service when, as a community, we reflect over the last two years and look to the future. The Mission Group will be assisting Bob in the planning of this service which will take place on Sunday 7 August 2022 at 11.00am. Further details will be given in the Intimations, Orders of Service and here on the website. Please put this date in your calendar and come along to give thanks and celebrate all that has been achieved over the last two years.

The Mission Group wishes everyone a happy time over the summer months whether you are at home or off somewhere on holiday. We will all enjoy some new found freedeom which has been a long time coming and hard earned.

May 2022

Support for Ukraine: On Saturday 9 April 2022, the large hall was open to receive donations to help relieve the unthinkable suffering in Ukraine.

The event was advertised around the town. However, on the day most donations came from our own congregation and yet again we were delighted with your incredible generosity, particularly when we know that many of you had already sent donations to the various charities working in and around Ukraine.

The total on the day was £1,589.50 which included £233.50 donations for lapel ribbons which we had available on three previous Sundays. The lapel ribbons were very kindly given to us free of charge from friends in Westpark Church, Denny.

There was a further opportunity to give at a retiring collection on Palm Sunday and this swelled the total to £1,703.50. At the time of writing this article for Contact, there will be a further retiring collection on Easter Sunday.  The full total will be intimated in Church and also in the next issue of Contact. We will be donating all  money raised to the Disasters Emergency Committee which brings together 15 leading charities including British Red Cross, Christian Aid, Save the Children and Tear Fund.

Once again, you have supported the efforts of the Mission Group and we want you all to know how much we appreciate it and are humbled by it.

Walking Group: Our next planned walk will  be on Saturdy 14 May 2022 meeting at the main entrance to Colzium at 10.00am when we will walk out to Banton along the south shore of Banton Loch with a tea/coffee stop at th Swan Inn before returning by the same route. Hopefully, the weather will be much better by then.  This walk may have to be changed if the path remains closed beyond the bridge.  Confirmation of the planned walk will be intimated on Sunday 8 May and will also be on the church website.

These walks are open to anyone who would like to join us. Just come along and join us on the day or ask any Mission Group member for further information.

Peace Garden: The new spring planting in the Ukranian colours has been greatly admired. We are now getting into the main gardening season and we strongly invite anyone who has an interest in gardening either to join the Gardening Group or just come along and have a chat with the group, share your expertise or give some suggestions as to what you would like to see in the garden. Any Mission Group member will happily give you more information.  Please share any ideas for projects you would like us to consider taking on.

April 2022

The Mission Group met over "Conferoo" on Monday, 4 April 2022.

March 2022

The Mission Group met on Monday 14 March 2022 and we had a very fruitful discussion. We were delighted to welcome two new members - Maureen Bathgate and Janette Marshall. We look forward very much to their input and fellowship.

Ukraine Flag

Support Ukraine. The situation we see unfolding in Ukraine is heartbreaking and there is a desperate need for financial help for the charities offering humanitarian aid to those in Ukraine and the refugees seeking sanctuary across Europe.

Blue and Yellow Flowers

On Saturday 9 April from 10.00am - 12.00 noon the Mission Group invites you to come along to the lower hall to hand in a donation in support of Ukraine. There will also be opportunities to give at Retiring Collections on Sundays 10 and 17 April 2022. We look forward very much to your support and to sending a financial donation from Kilsyth Burns & Old  to one of the charities working hard to help those caught up in this horrific conflict.

Mary's Meals: The Backpack programme has had to be terminated for logistical reasons. There is a full report under "Mary's Meals" heading in the website.

Peace Garden: The Gardening Group have planted some tete a tete daffodils throughout the two beds and have also placed two planters with daffodils either side of the stone in the courtyard.

As a gesture of support for Ukraine we will be adding some blue coloured planting alongside the daffodils to reflect the Ukranian colours. Please use the Peace Garden to reflect on the unimagineable suffering in Ukraine, for all those forced to flee their beloved homeland and to pray for that very precious thing, PEACE.













Walking Group: Our next planned walk will be on 14 May 2022. Full details can be found under the "Walking Group" page.

Teas after the service: The Mission Group willl be hosting teas following Sunday worship throughout the month of April and we look forward to this very much.

Future Plans: We hope that as we come into Spring and Summer, we will be able to meet up more freely. If you have any projects you would like to see the Mission Group take on, we will be delighted to hear from you.

February 2022

The Mission Group met in the large hall on Monday 31 January 2022.

Mary's Meals: The Backpack programme is still suspended at the momeht. As we have said previously, we hope this situation will change in the coming months and we stand ready to support the Mary's Meals team when this comes around.

Peace Garden: At this time of year, there is not much to be done apart from general tidying up. We are delighted that the snowdrops have made a very welcome appearance around the perimeter wall. When we first planned the garden in 2020, garden centres were closed and we were very limited in what plants were available. This year, we plan making some changes to the existing planting and to add some new plants.

If you have an intrest in gardening and would like either to lend a hand in some light maintenance or receive or share some advice, we would be delighted to hear from you, Please contact us via the home page.

Walking Group: The Walking Group met in February for breakfast to discuss and make plans for getting out and about again. Our first walk is planned for Saturday 12 March 2022. We will meet at 10.00am at the main entrance to Colzium and walk out to Banton with a stop for tea/coffee at the Swan Inn before returning to Colzium. If you enjoy walking, please come along and enjoy easy walking in good company. You will be made very welcome.

Future Plans: We are still very resricted in what we can plan due to the Pandemic but we hope that 2022 will see us able to move forward in what we all know is a time of change for all churches. If you have any ideas you would like us to take forward, we will be delighted to hear from you.

January 2022

Happy New Year to all. Let's hope and pray for more "normality" in the year ahead.

Mary's Meals: The backpack programme is still suspended at the present time but we are well prepared to move ahead whenever the programme is resumed thanks to the continued generosity of the congregation and many other friends.

Peace Garden: The Gardening Group continue to do some basic tidying of the garden area. We are eagerly anticipating the snowdrops, which were planted last year, making an appearance around the perimeter wall.  The group is already making plans to make some alterations to the existing planting and to add seasonal plants in the weeks/months ahead,

Walking Group: Our last walk was on 27 November from Kirkintilloch to Milton of Campsie with a stop for breakfast rolls and coffee. We had planned to meet up mid-January but due to the restrictions in place at that time we were unable to do so. Hopefully, we will be able to meet in February and if so, details will be posted on the website and also included in the intimations.  Anyone who would like to find out more about the walks or is thinking of joining us should speak to any member of the Mission Group.  If you want to get out and about a bit more in 2022, please join us and enjoy lovely easy walking and good company.

Reflective Service: We want to thank everyone who listened into the service on 5 December 2021 in Conferoo.  We were indebted to Margaret Wren for her lovely singing and her very appropriate choice of pieces. From the feedback we received, the service was enjoyed particularly for the positive messages along with times to sit in quiet reflection. 


The Mission Group is due to hold their first meeting of the year on 31 January 2022. We know we will be very limited in the plans we can make for the immediate months ahead but we hope and pray that as the year progresses we may be able to return to some of the events we once enjoyed so much.

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