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Here we are in February already and still a mixed bag of weather! Still, there's not much we can do about that! Here are some photographs taken in that lovely garden we have on our doorstep - The Walled Garden at Colzium. The snowdrops are mainly all open now, such beautiful wee flowers.

3 February 2024. Remember to click on each photograph to see in full. Hope you like them!


Now that we have increased capacity on our website, I couldn't resist adding some more photos to our January column after a lovely walk this morning to the Colzium. The sun was shining although it was a wee bit chilly! However, well wrapped up and a nice coffee at the Clock Cafe helped us along the way. I hope anyone looking at these photographs will be able to recognise the locations. 11 January 2024

January 2024 already! Hopefully everyone enjoyed their Christmas and we wish everyone all the best for the "new" year. Here is a selection of photographs taken "down the marshes" on 5 January 2024. Weather wise, it's been a mixed bag so far but we just have to take what we get! Hopefully you like these photos.

December 2023

Well, hasn't December been a mixed bag of weather so far? We've had rain, snow, ice, fog, rain wind and now one week before Christmas it's 10deg but dare I mention it - still raining! During a few dry minutes, here are some photos of the lovely hills that we are fortunate enough to see from just about everywhere in the town. I hope you like them. Apparently, the first one is a view of what is locally referred to as Mattock's Hole - anyone any idea what this means? It would be good to hear your comments. Contact us 18 December 23.


November 2023

Burngreen 31 Oct 23_

Photos taken 31 Oct 2023

Isn't the Burngreen and the War Memorial looking good in readiness for Remembrance Sunday on 9 November 2023?

October 2023

Aren't we very fortunate to have this on our doorstep? The walled garden in the Colzum Estate taken on Monday 2 October 2023.

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