Walking Group

Under the leadership of the Mission Group, several members and friends of the Church have decided to form a walking group. Over the past year, many local paths have been trod, sometimes in good weather, others not so good. However, they have always been enjoyable.

Saturday 14 March 

In view of the severity of the Coronavirus situation, it has been decided to cancel all our events planned over the next few weeks.  This includes the walking group which was due to meet on this date.  The next date will be posted here.

15 February 2020

Due to Storm "Dennis" although nine keen members of the group met as usual, it was agreed that it wasn't suitable walking weather for everyone. So, we all decided instead to  have coffee/tea in the Coachman Hotel with either breakfast or scones which was enjoyed by everyone. During the winter months, it has been suggested that 10.15am would be a more suitable starting time therefore the next walk, which will be on Saturday 14 March, the meeting time and date is The Coachman at 10.15am. As usual, all welcome to join us (hopefully the stormy weather will have passed by then).

23 Noveber 2019

On a rather dreich November morning, the group agreed to do a local walk rather than walk from the Falkirk Wheel as originally planned. We parked the cars at Auchinstarry Marina and walked along the tow-path until we reached Dullatur Road then climbed the steep hill on to the path above the canal and returned back to the Boat House.  All ten who braved the Scottish weather then enjoyed a warming cup of tea or coffee. Another enjoyable short walk in the fresh air. Next walk will be on 18 January as December is rather a busy month. We will congregate outside the church hall at 9.45 and decide where to walk (weather dependant of course). If the weather is totally unsuitable, we may decide just to go for a coffee/tea and chat and possibly a bacon roll! Remember, this group is free for anyone to join in the fun!

18 January 2020

For our first walk of 2020, we chose to walk around Banton Loch. The main reason for chosing to do this walk was because of the pavements being very icy and decided that the rough paths would be safer. It was a good decision as it was a great walk and we had a lovely time over tea/coffee and scones in the Coachman when we returned.

The next walk will be Saturday 15 February, meeting at the Coachman car park. It does say that we will meet at the Church in "Contact" as that was what had previously  been decided; unfortunately the deadline for "Contact" had passed by the time we had changed the venue. If the weather is really bad, please come along in any case as we can sample breakfast rolls in the Coachman and plan future walks. Looking forward to seeing new as well as "old" faces then.

19 October 2019

Again, there were nine of us walking this time in the opposite direction from last month. This walk, alongside the River Glazert, is also part of the Thomas Muir way/John Muir way. As we neared the road which would lead to Lennox Castle, the former psychiatric and maternity hospital, we came across an "artwork" displaying the woman's name "JESSIE" in vibrant yellow metal.

This and several other artworks have been commissioned by "Trails and Tails" with the work being carried out by Jacqueline Donnachie. These works commemorate the work of women in health and medicine who have associations with East Dunbartonshire through education, working life or residence. As there are no public dedications to these women, these artworks fill that void. This added a different dimension to our October walk!


Next date - 23 November, meeting at the church at 9.40am, who knows what we'll find this time.  We will travel to the Falkirk Wheel where we will start our walk. This will lead us up to the Union Canal and on around the Tamfourhill area and back to the Wheel visitor centre for tea/coffee. Although we have already done this walk earlier this year, it has been decided to repeat it as everyone enjoyed it. If, however, the weather is not great, we may change to a more local walk.

We hope to continue our walks over the winter months with the exception of December. If the weather is unsuitable for walking, we will meet up in any case for a chat over tea/coffee and maybe even bacon rolls! 

Let's hope for good weather on 23 November and another enjoyable walk. Feel free to join us.

21 Sept 2019

On a beautiful September morning, 9 of us travelled to Lennoxtown and then walked along the former railway line to Milton of Campsie. We stopped for refreshments at the very busy cafe at the cross before returning to Lennoxtown.

The Campsie Fells were particularly beautiful and as we welcomed a new member to our group who has relocated from Wales, it was most enjoyable.

Our next walk will be Saturday 19 October where we will again start from Glazertbank Hotel, Lennoxtown and head in the opposite direction towards Blanefield. We will meet at the church at 9.40am before leaving for Lennoxtown.

31 August 2019

A group of 11 dedicated walkers travelled to Milton of Campsie (rain pouring down); had our refreshments and the sun came out - hey presto, let's go for a walk! Along part of the disused railway line towards Kirkintilloch -  a most enjoyable walk - it could only happen in Scotland.

The next walk will be on Saturday 21 September, meeting at Glazert Bank Hotel, Lennoxtown at 10.00am. If the weather is not suitable for walking, we will become a "Talking" Group over coffee. Transport will be available from Church leaving at 9.40am. As usual, please feel free to join us  -  the more the merrier. As the nights are becoming increasingly darker, we will not be having any more mid-week walks until the spring.

August 2019

We had a lovely walk on Saturday 3 August from the Boat House car park up part of Croy Hill and back round to the Boat House along the canal path. The weather was lovely and we were able to sit outside in the sunshine enjoying tea/coffee and scones.

Our next mid-week walk will be on Thursday 15 August leaving from the church at 7.00pm leaving from the church. The walk will be along part of the Dumbreck Marsh.  The next Saturday walk will be on 31 August meeting at the car park opposite what was Billingtons at Milton of Campsie cross at 10.00am. Transport will be available from the church leaving at 9.45am. We will walk from there to Lennoxtown with tea/coffee stop at Glazert Bank Hotel.

Come along and enjoy a lovely walk in good company.

The walk on 8 June was very enjoyable with the weather being much better than we were led to expect. The walk was from Kirkintilloch to Milton of Campsie where we had a stop for tea/coffee before returning to Kirkintilloch.

Our next walk will be on Saturday, 6 July 2019. We will meet at the Church at the earlier time of 10.00 am where there will be transport to take us to the Falkirk Wheel.  The walk will be up to the Union Canal and around the Tamfourhill area. Tea/coffee stop will either be at the Falkirk Wheel Visitor Centre or the Boardwalk. Please come along and enjoy gentle exercise in good company.

July Walk

We had a great walk on Saturday 6 July starting from the Falkirk Wheel. Thanks to Grace and Jane for leading us round and arranging the lovely weather! This will possibly be a walk to be repeated another time. We are now planning to have some mid-week walks and the first of these will be on Thursday, 18 July leaving from the church at 7.00pm and walking from there around part of the Nature Reserve.

Our next Saturday walk will be on 3 August. We will meet at the Boathouse at 10.00am  for a walk around that area. As always, we encourage anyone to come along and enjoy the exercise and chat along the way. The original plan had been to walk from the Carron Valley up to the Meikle Bin; however, it has been decided to postpone this and the group will discuss a suitable date to do this walk, hopefully later this year. These walks are open to anyone and if you need a lift, please contact any member of the group, or you can use the contact form on the home page.

We enjoyed lovely walks last summer. *Previous years' walks can be found on our archive pages. This has been an excellent opportunity for people who do not like to go walking on their own to enjoy our lovely countryside, having a chat along the way and tea/coffee stop.

We do not normally meet over the winter months but this could be up for discussion. Watch this space for our new start-up date. We are always delighted when we are able to welcome new members to share in the enjoyment which comes from walking in good company.

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