Under the leadership of the Mission Group, several members and friends of the Church have decided to form a walking group. Since June 2018, many local paths have been trod, sometimes in good weather, others not so good. However, they have always been enjoyable. Unfortunately, due to the current restrictions, there have been no walks since January 2020.

Walking Group 28 Nov 21

In spite of Storm Arwen having wreaked havoc the previous day, the walkers woke to a lovely, calm sunny morning on Saturday 27 November 2021 and were able to meet at Kirkintilloch and take the path to Milton of Campsie. We stopped there and enjoyed lovey breafast rolls at the Fells Cafe before walking back to Kirkintilloch.

The plan for the start of 2022 is that we will meet at 11.00am on Saturday 15 January for a breakfast at the Scarecrow. It will be good to have a rough idea of numbers and full details will be included in Sunday morning intimations.

On Saturday 30 October, 2021 we left town and headed for Cumbernauld. Our walk began in Craighalbert Drive, near the Mosque and we followed part of the Via Flavii, a former Roman way and one of the main routes for droving cattle. We walked down through the Community Park to Aria, the steel sculpture seen from the A80 before returning through the Community Park to the parking area near the Mosque. There were several lovely views along the way and we were particularly lucky weather-wise and got most of the walk while it was dry. The walk was very interesting and enoyable and one which we will repeat at some point in the future so don't be too disappointed if you missed it this time around. It was also good to share more fun and chat over tea/coffee and scones in the tea room at Caulder's Garden Centre.

We plan our next walk for Saturday 27 November 2021, meeting at Lidl's car park in Kirkintilloch at 10.00am when we will follow a path leading to Milton of Campsie where we will have a tea/coffee stop before returning to Kirkintilloch. Anyone requiring transport should contact any Mission Group member.  We welcome new walkers to join us and share the friendship and fun we have as we explore lovely walks in our area.

1 November 2021

October 2021

walk 2 Oct 2021 leaving church
walk 2 Oct 2021 at Cozium House

On Saturday 2 October 2021, nine members of the Walking Group met for the first walk in just over a year and 8 months. The weather forecast was for heavy rain but we were lucky to wake up to a dry morning with even a hint of blue sky. We walked from the Church to Colzium via the Burngreen. We kept to the main path up to Colzium House before making the return journey. A number of us the went to the Scarecrow for tea/coffee and scones. It was just so good to meet up in person and enjoy a lovely walk in the company of friends we had not seen for a very long time.

Our next walk is planned for Saturday 30 October 2021 and we will meet near the Mosque in Craighalbert Drive, Cumbernauld at 10.00am for a new walk in that area. If anyone requires transport please contact us.

June 2021

We continue to "meet" over Conferoo and chat about the walks we are enjoying individually.  We hope that perhaps later in the summer we may be permitted to have a group walk. You may have been enjoyng walks during the lockdown period and would like to have the company of others. If so, please contact any Mission Group member. We will have details of planned walks included in the Intimations and also in Contact. This is a lovely group and you will be made very welcome if you decide to come along for some easy walking in good company, with a tea/coffee stop included where possible.

MOC walk no 3.jpg
Allanfauld Bridge 22 May 2021

Garrell Burn at

Allanfauld, 22 May 2021

The Walking Group continues to keep in touch "meeting up" courtesy of Conferoo. We are still unable to meet as a group  due to the Covid restrictions but we have been able to chat about the walks we have done individually and plan for group walks hopefully in the not too distant future; perhaps even after the next Scottish Government review.

The group is open to all and we hope, as well as welcoming back current members, we will be able to welcome newcomers to enjoy some of the lovely walks we have in the area along with the chat and coffee stops.

February 2021

Along with many others, members of our Walking Group have been enjoying their own individual walks around the lovely local areas. Because of the necessary restrictions, we cannot join as a group for our walks but we did join, again over "Conferoo" on 25 January 2021 to chat about the different paths we have found and ones we have rediscovered. We look forward, when the time is right to meeting up as a group with hopefully some new members when, together, we will enjoy the pleasure of walking with friends along the lovely paths around our town.

The Mission Group encourages everyone to be patient and to follow the advice we are being given to keep us safe an well until that day when we can, more freely, meet up in person with one another.

The Lade Path Feb 2021

The Lade Path heading to Colzium

January 2021

Happy New Year to everyone! The days are getting longer and there is a lot of light at the end of this long tunnel. We can almost dare to hope now that we will get back to walking in the company of one another, at some point in the hopefully not too distant future.

In the meantime, it will be good to have the opportunity to have another chat over Conferoo and I hope you will be able to join a call on Monday 25 January at 7.30pm to catch up with one another. The usual number is either 03300 883434 or 0345 388 7442 using pin no 462824.

Best wishes to all, from Lora.

December 2020


Hi everyone, hopefully you are all keeping well. We are all a bit weary about the restrictions on our lives but the news of a vaccine is very welcome and exciting and gives us hope that we may return to some form of normality in the not too distant future.

As it is some time since we last met and it will be a bit of time before we are out in the walking group again, I thought it would be good for us to meet up over Conferoo to hear about the walks we have had and just generally catch up with one another. I hope Thursday 19 November at 7.30pm will suit and I suggest we sit down then with a tea or coffee and visualise we are in a coffee shop somewhere after a nice walk. We have to dream.

If you want to join in please dial 033 00 88 34 34 using pin no 46 28 24 anytime from 7.20-7.30 to join in the call. You may wish to invite other walkers to join us - all welcome. Look forward to hearing from everyone on Thursday.

Best wishes to all, from Lora.

14 March 2020

In view of the severity of the Coronavirus situation, it has been decided to cancel all our events planned over the next few weeks.  This includes the walking group which was due to meet on this date.  The next date will be posted here.

Due to Storm "Dennis" although nine keen members of the group met as usual, it was agreed that it wasn't suitable walking weather for everyone. So, we all decided instead to  have coffee/tea in the Coachman Hotel with either breakfast or scones which was enjoyed by everyone.

During the winter months, it has been suggested that 10.15am would be a more suitable starting time therefore the next walk, scheduled for Saturday 14 March, will meet at The Coachman at 10.15am. As usual, all welcome to join us (hopefully the stormy weather will have passed by then).

18 January 2020

For our first walk of 2020, we chose to walk around Banton Loch. The main reason for choosing to do this walk was because of the pavements being very icy and decided that the rough paths would be safer. It was a good decision as it was a great walk and we had a lovely time over tea/coffee and scones in the Coachman when we returned.

We enjoyed lovely walks last summer. *Previous years' walks can be found on our archive pages. This has been an excellent opportunity for people who do not like to go walking on their own to enjoy our lovely countryside, having a chat along the way and tea/coffee stop.

We do not normally meet over the winter months but this could be up for discussion. Watch this space for our new start-up date. We are always delighted when we are able to welcome new members to share in the enjoyment which comes from walking in good company.