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Spring 2024

Has the choir been busy this year?

We've been invited to sing at St Patrick's Guild, Abronhill Guild, Anderson Guild, St Dominics in Bishopbrggs and at our own church Guild!

We've also entertained the Probus Club, Kilsyth Senior Citizens, Carrickstone Care Home and at Birdston Day Care Centre.

We had a lovely aftertnoon singing at our Christmas Tree Festival and we sang at Denny Westpark's very first Christmas Tree Festival.  We also enjoy singing with our friends of the Anderson Church Praise Group at our monthly joint services.

We certainly have been singing our hearts out!


May 2023

The Choir are ready for the summer break as our bookings for the Spring have now come to an end.  We will still be singing the weekly anthems in Burns & Old and also for the joint services with the Anderson Church.

We have appeared at several venues including the Kilsyth Probus Group, Kilsyth St Patrick's Guild and Campsie Parish Church.  There is also an invitation confirmed for Abronhill Guild of Friendship and a potential Carrickstone Nursing Home booking in the works.

We continue to use the keyboard with recordings from our late friend and colleague Maureen Divers - who will never be forgotten - as well as recordings made by our former Church Organist James Greechan.

We, the members, enjoy these visits to other communities as much as they enjoy our visits and singing.

We are open to any new members wishing to join and strengthen our choir.  It would be good to hear some male voices within - as it is when the anderson Church singers join us.

"All God's children got a place in the choir, some sing low and some sing higher"

The Choir

A musical note from the Choir

People's hearts can be touched by music and we believe the anthems we sing may touch someone's heart with the beautiful words in the Hymns and songs.

Ministering with our music through Praise evenings, visits to our local Hospital and Nursing Home bring comfort and pleasure to people who can't get to Church to hear God's word.

The Church Choir re-commenced practice on 28 August (2019) after the summer break.

As always, this is a very busy time of year.  Apart from our Church anthems, Christmas festivities, Nativity and Candlelit Services, we visit Craig-en-Goyne Nursing Home and the Cottage Hospital on scheduled dates to sing for the residents. 

Musical Notes

We have visited several nursing homes where Church members reside and look forward to our visits including Bankview in Banknock and Carrickstone in Cumbernauld.

We have had eight bookings for groups, guilds and clubs, including Probus, WOW, St Patrick's Guild, Abronhill Guild of Friendship and a St Andrew's concert musical festival in the Burngreen Hall.

We already have dates arranged for 2020 and look forward to these events as we share our talents with others.

We are glad to answer the call when asked to do the readings within the service as we know how precious it is to hear the words of our Lord said loudly and clearly.


Always willing to try new ideas we have worked with the Audio Visual team to create video backdrop with synchronised backing music from our organist which we sang at a recent service.  The compilation was greatly received by the congregation with further collaborations planned in the future.

Our anthems are reflective of the service - such as Pentecost, Easter, Lent, Advent and Christmas - which we discuss in advance at our practise each Wednesday at 7.00pm in the Creche Hall.


Anyone with a Christian heart who enjoys singing is most welcome to join our merry wee group, just contact us.


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