We have introduced the 'What's New' page to make it easier for visitors to our website to see what information has been updated since their last visit.  The date of the last update is shown in brackets after the title.  We have also included a hyperlink  for each topic - simply 'click' on the underlined link next to the topic you want to view to be taken straight to the relevant page.  The latest information will be displayed at the top of the page.

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AROUND KILSYTH (6 January 2022)

Pictures and videos from around our town - click Around Kilsyth to access

BOYS BRIGADE (Jr Section and Anchor Boys) (11 December 2021)

Latest information Jr Section and Anchor Boys - click Junior Boys Brigade & Anchor Boys

CARPET BOWLS (27 September 2021)

Information and details of dates and times - click Carpet Bowls Club


Smaller articles including Church Boxes, TLM Scotland, Shoe Box Appeal etc - click Charities and Fundraising

CHURCH BUILDINGS (21 November 2021)

Update on Re-Opening Plan - click Church Buildings


Recording of Mid Week and Sunday Services - click Church Service Recordings

COMMUNION SERVICES (21 November 2021)

Details of our Communion Services, 3 times per year - click Communion Services


List of Daily Bible Readings - click Daily Readings

DOORS OPEN 2021 (18 September 2021)

Kilsyth Burns & Old Parish Church Doors Open 2021 - click Doors Open 2021

GUILD (9 January 2022)

Latest information about the Guild - click on Guild


HARVEST 2021 (25 October 2021)

Information on our food donation to the local Food Bank - click Harvest 2021

MARY'S MEALS (25 October 2021)

Latest information and update on charity and activities - click Mary's Meals

MINISTER'S MESSAGE (11 January 2022)

This month's message from Rev Bob - click Minister's Message

MISSION GROUP (27 November 2021)

Mission Group - click Mission Group

NEWS & EVENTS (29 November 2021)

Choir Long Service Presentations, news and events connected to our Church - click News & Events

PRAYER GROUP (28 December 2021)

Prayer for Advent - click Prayer Group

RAINBOWS (25 February 2021)

Latest Rainbow's activities - click Rainbows

SUNDAY SCHOOL (15 August 2021)

Latest Sunday School activities for our young people - click Sunday School

TRY PRAYING (1 January 2022)

Message for the month - click Try Praying

VESTRY DAY (2 November 2021)

Information on our Vestry Days - click Vestry Day


WALKING GROUP (30 November 2021)

Updates including future 'virtual' meeting using Conferoo - click Walking Group

WEEKLY ORDER OF SERVICE (updated every Friday)

Details of Sunday Service - click Weekly Order of Service

WHAT'S ON (1 January 2022)

Details of weekly services and activities over the coming months - click What's On

WOMEN OF WISDOM (9 January 2022)

Latest information about the group