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December 2021

Here are some photos taken over the year showing various scenes around Kilsyth. There are 12 in total (one for each month showing the changes in the seasons) so, remember to click on each one to see in full.

November 2021

Old Backbrae

Here is something totally different! These paintings were done by local artist, Peter Sim. I'm sure you will all agree that he definitely has a talent. These are truly beautiful paintings.

This first painting is Backbrae Street a long time ago (with the Church in the distance) around the late 40's - early 50's. How different it looks from today. Many people will remember the town as it was.

Burns Church
Burns & Old Church

As well as some of the windows being placed in today's church, a marble plaque in honour of Dr William Jeffrey (Minister of the High Church for 21 years until his death in 1910) is now displayed inside.

This painting shows the Burns Church which was demolished in 2002 after merging with Kilsyth Old Parish Church in 1975. Soon after the union of the two churches, some of the stained glass windows were removed and placed in today's church building. The church bell can also be seen outside our church.

Here is our church as we know it today. 

October Full Moon

Here are some images of the October (Harvest) moon taken on Thursday morning 21 October. These were taken by one of the camera club members - Joe Higney (full permission granted!). What a sight it was.

October 2021

Autumn is here! Some scenes around Kilsyth. The beautiful hills, Market Street, the lade and East Bunside Street.

Clicking on each photo will enable you to see in full.

11 October 2021

September 2021

Here we are in September again. We've had a glorious summer and hopefully there may be a lovely autumn ahead of us.

Here is a variety of photos; one taken from the "cooches" looking over the Kilsyth Hills, then in the Colzium and the Burngreen.

How fortunate we are to have these beautiful places on our doorstep.

4 September 2021

August 2021

Here are a few photos taken in the Peace Garden.


"The Gentleman" (rose planted in honour of Bill Gracie's 100th birthday) is blooming at last, 13 months since it was planted. What a beautiful colour it is.


The garden is establishing really well. Remember to click on each image to see all four photographs.                   14 August 2021

July 2021

Well, the "Glasgow Fair" has certainly been beautiful - lovely blue skies and nice scenery around us to enjoy and make the most of.

Here are some views taken over the past week.                                                                                      26 July 2021

Here are some photographs from the Colzium and walled garden.

Even on a dull, wet day, it's still beautiful. Enjoy.          5 July 2021


June 2021

Bicentenial Tree 13 June 2021

Bicentenial Tree 13 June 2021

In the church grounds

Pretty in Peach

Pretty in Peach

Gorgeous Colours

Gorgeous Colours

Peace Garden Flower Bed

Peace Garden Flower Bed

Flower Bed under Tree

Flower Bed under Tree

Here are the most recent photos of our lovely Peace Garden. If you are at all able, please come and visit this tranquil area of our church.  You are sure to enjoy a few quiet moments enjoying the beautiful surroundings.

                     13 June 2021

June is certainly bursting out all over! Glorious sunshine helping us all to feel better. Here are some views taken along the canal on Monday 7 June. Remember to click on each photograph to see it in full - enjoy!