During the week leading up to Christmas Day, the floodlights were switched on which helped to light up the town during this pandemic. Many positive comments were received, including those looking forward to being able to return to the Church sanctuary.



Several posters / information sheets have been positioned in the Vestibule and Sanctuary.  Some examples are shown below.  You can expect to see these posters and information sheets when we re-open our Church.  The signs are typical of what you can expect to see elsewhere and it is important we all do our best to avoid and eliminate the spread of COVID-19.

We will not be supplying face masks to anyone, so it is therefore important you bring your own.

We have installed a number of Hand Sanitising Points within the Church.

One within the entrance vestibule, one at the back of each of the aisles, one at the exit door adjacent to the pulpit and one in the back vestibule.

When we re-open, we will have Duty Team Members in the Vestibule and the Sanctuary to welcome you, record Track & Trace details and direct you to the seating positions we wish you to use.  If you attend church with other members of your family, we will direct you to a pew where you can all sit together.

We are only allowed a maximum of 50 people in the Sanctuary (including Bob, the Duty Team, etc). Some of the pews have been taped off and green marker discs positioned in the others to indicate social distancing seating positions.  2 metre marker strips have also been placed on the floor.

We will also be operating a one-way system.  You should enter the church through the Main Entrance.  At the end of the service, you will be directed to leave through the door adjacent to the pulpit.

Initially, you will not be able to access the halls, kitchen and toilet areas.  There will be no tea and coffee at the end of the services.  Sadly, there will be no singing allowed. All this will change in due course.

As we get closer to re-opening, we will have to consider the maximum number of 50 people allowed into the Sanctuary.  Information regarding this will be provided nearer the time of re-opening.

Please remember to bring your face mask and when we re-open.  We appreciate everyone’s help to ensure we provide as safe an environment as possible for all.

You will all remember we sold our former Manse (The Grange, 17 Glasgow Road) in December 2019.

This was part of the Church of Scotland's plan to relieve congregations of the responsibility of the upkeep, maintenance and high running costs of old buildings.

Understandably, the housing market was less active around Christmas and New Year. This was followed by the Covid-19 pandemic restrictions which caused further delay to the purchase of a new Manse. 

We are delighted to confirm we have completed the purchase of the new Manse (as shown in the photograph above) which, apart from some minor cosmetic decoration, was virtually in ‘walk-in’ condition.

Bob and Anna moved into the new Manse in August (delayed awaiting install of telephone and broadband also impacted by Covid!) and are now enjoying the more comfortable Manse we now have.

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