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JUNE 2024

Communion Service, Sunday 16 June 2024

Our Communion Service continues to be held both in the church and over the telephone.

Attending Church

We would be delighted if you can join us in person for the forthcoming Communion Service. Gluten-free bread will be served using tongs and then individual glasses of wine dispensed to each member of the congregation. Those sitting in the centre area will be offered individual glasses of alchoholic wine while those in the side pews will be offered individual glasses of non-alcoholic wine.

Using  Conferoo

Alternatively, if you are unable to join us in person you can still dial in as follows:

between 10.50 and 10.59am dial the following number: 0345 388 7442* then, when prompted, enter this code: 462824. You can then say your name or remain quiet. That's it - you are connected! Our Minister will guide you through the service.


If you wish to take part in the Sacrament by telephone, please have some bread (or other food) and wine (or other liquid) to hand. We hope you are able to join the service.

*Please note this number will be charged at your normal standard call rate for a local call (the same as 01 and 02 calls). Most providers offer affordable if not free packages for calls to 01, 02 and 03 numbers. Please check with your provider for the package that will best serve your needs.

November 2021

At Kilsyth Burns & Old we celebrate the sacrament of Communion three times a year - upcoming Communion dates are listed on the 'What's On' page.  All are welcome to join with us in this celebration.

For members dialling in via Conferoo, they should prepare their wine and bread (or similar) at home. This way, everyone can share the sacrament of Holy Communion together.


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