November 2021

At Kilsyth Burns & Old we celebrate the sacrament of Communion three times a year - upcoming Communion dates are listed on the 'What's On' page.  All are welcome to join with us in this celebration.

We previously served the Communion bread from shared plates and the wine from either the common cup or individual glasses.  Due to Covid restrictions we have had to change the way we deliver these elements.

We now celebrate Communion within the Church using 'Miracle Meals' - sourced for us by Thomas Chalmers. These are individual hygienically sealed thimbles of Communion wine and wafer.  

For members dialling in via Conferoo, they should prepare their wine and bread (or similar) at home. This way, everyone can share the sacrament of Holy Communion together.


Sunday 6 March          11:00am Sacrament of the Lord's Supper