Message from Bob

The cycles of the calendar and the changes of the seasons have a wonderful way of seeming to bring us back to starting points all the time. Of course every January this world is nowhere near where it was a year earlier but the reliable lengthening of the days is a useful marker, allowing us to step back for a moment to consider what has gone before and what lies ahead of us.

Looking back over the past year we can be pleased with the work we have done and all the people we have helped. And looking forward our work carries on, as it will until our Lord lets us know that it is complete.

When might that be? We have no way of knowing but we do know that as long as we continue to follow our Saviour and obey his instructions then nothing we do for him will be wasted. So let us look forward to 2020 in the same spirit of humility and service that we entered 2019.

"Bear one another’s burdens, and in this way you will fulfil the law of Christ".(Galatians 6: 2)

God bless you all.

Rev Bob