Covid permitting, on 7th August we intend to have a slightly different service which will be called the "Thanksgiving and Celebration" service. After the two years we have come through, I think both words powerfully describe feelings we should enjoy. All being well, I would hope that we might finish the service out in the Peace Garden. There is no harm in letting the locals see us out and about in our own grounds, and there's never any harm in sharing some fresh air with one another.

Picture of Bob Johnston

We will, of course, think of the many people who lost their lives to Covid, and the many more whose health has been permanently compromised by it, but the heart of the service will be about looking to the future, learning from the lessons of the past two years and celebrating the many who have come through the crisis. It has been a huge task keeping one another safe but no one will ever be able to look at Burns & Old and say anything other than we did our absolute best.

So, give thanks, celebrate, but also give yourselves a good pat on the back!

"How very good and pleasant it is when kindred live together in unity!"

Psalm 133: 1

God bless you all

Rev Bob