As the world continues to deal with the Covid19 crisis the message from Kilsyth Burns & Old Parish Church remains the same as it has been since March. We are still open for business, worship continues as usual, and our many groups are still working hard to keep things going.

The only thing that is markedly different from before March of this year is that our Sanctuary will remain closed until further notice. Any decision on re-opening will take account of a great many factors and we have a team already working on this.

This situation has been hard on everyone but I want to commend the Session, Board & Congregation of our parish for their hard work, their loving support for one another, and all the many ways they have worked to keep things as normal as possible at a very abnormal time.

God bless you all. The Church of our Lord Jesus Christ has been through many trials over the past two thousand years. We have come through them by sticking together and we will come through this latest challenge in the same way.

"The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness did not overcome it".

St. John’s Gospel 1: 5

God bless you all.

Rev Bob

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