This page will show smaller articles regarding charities we have collected for and items which are otherwise not included on our website. Hopefully, you may find these of interest.


The Folk Concert held on Friday 17 January in aid of Christian Aid was well attended and very much enjoyed.The sum realised was £800 which was equally divided between Christian Aid and Kerela Eye Hospital in India.


February 2021

Please remember the Leprosy Mission during these difficult times. There will be a supply of TLM boxes available on Vestry Day 20 March for exchange.


December 2020

In September last year, TLM held a conference at Holyrood to highlight the fact that Lerosy is a curable disease if spotted early enough. 2020 was to be a year of campaigning and fundraising to work towards eradicating leprosy in 15 years. Sadly, because of the pandemic, this has had to be put on hold.

Please keep TLM Scotland in your prayers and if possible, keep filling the little coin boxes. Like all charities, finance is still important in order that the leprosy clinics can keep functioning.


January 2020

The update on the donation from the boxes to Leprosy Mission Scotland (TLM) is £725.56 for the year 2019. Well done to everyone who contributed an thanks for your continued support over the years. Anyone who wishes to have a box please contact us.

There will be a represenative from TLM speaking at our service on Sunday 2 February and there will be a retiring offering for TLM on that date.


The Lodging House Mission were delighted to accept the 48 shoe boxes delivered to them containing toiletries, hat, scarf, etc for either a lady or gentleman. They asked for everyone who donated such a shoe box to be warmly thanked and assured us that the recipient of each box would be very grateful to receive it.

Christmas boxes

As announced earlier this month, the Lodging House Mission were unable to accept boxes this year. Instead, donations were handed in to Cant's shop in the Main Street. The result was that two cars were loaded (back seats and boots) along with an envelope containing £350 of donations and delivered. These were very warmly received and the Mission would like to thank everyone very much for their contribution to this worthy cause. (28 December 2020.)

We have just heard from the Lodging House Mission that this year they are unable to accept the Christmas boxes as they did in the past. They are suggesting we deliver the items usually in the Christmas boxes to them and they will make up "Christmas Parcels" and distribute them or we can make a donation to their Christmas appeal and they will purchase the items required.

David Cant has agreed to accept items or donations at his shop, as he did for the local foodbank at Harvest, from Monday 14 December.


The Remembrance Tree in December was sponsored for Robin House, the Children's Hospice at Balloch. The donations amounted to £600 which has been delivered to them.


February 2021

As a result of the present situation, we will, again, be unable to exchange the Church Boxes as we would normally in March. If you have a box which needs to be exchanged, this can be done at the Vestry Day on Saturday 20 March. Please bring your box along and we will exchange it for a new one.

If, for any reason, you are unable to come to the Vestry Day, then please contact us and we would be happy to pick up your box and drop off a new box - socially distanced of course! Also, if you do not have a box and would like one, then again please contact us


Can we encourage you when buying anything on-line, to keep in mind the "easyfundraising" website - It costs you nothing extra and gives a small donation to the church with every purchase. It's easy to join, enter the name of our church then create an account. It includes major retailers such as John Lewis, Marks and Spencer, Argos, Boots, Amazon, EBay, Currys as well as travel and insurance companies and many more. Full instructions are given on how to do your shopping.