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We can, and should, all pray alone but it is also biblical that we should pray together in groups. It is the privilege of a small, but dedicated, group of people here at Kilsyth Burns & Old Parish Church to fulfil that purpose by praying for our church family, our town and our world and giving thanksgiving and praise to God.

Prayer Group


We continue to meet on a Sunday morning at 10.15am in the sanctuary. Please feel free to join us, either occasionally or on a regular basis. Remember to pass on any requests for prayer which will be treated confidentially either by leaving a message in the box at prayer table or by giving it to a member of the Prayer Group who are: June Allison, Maureen Bathgate, Thomas Chalmers, Sandra Farrington, Jennifer Miller, Anne Simpson, Margaret Strain, Margaret Wren.

June 2024

May we never shield our eyes from the light of Christ.

May our lives be open and prepared for service.

May our hearts be converted anew every day.


(From a Book of Blessings by Nick Aiken & Alan Elkins)

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May 2024

Father, thank you for Spring, the season of Your expression of joy.

Let every bloom remind me of Your grace.

Let every sunny day bring light to my soul.


April 2024

As we witness new life all around us in nature, we remember and give thanks, Lord, that in You we are new creations. Send Your holy spirit that we may be refreshed and ready to serve You.


Bandstand and Blossom

March 2024

Father God, as we journey through Lent,

may the blessing of Your fogiveness and the gift of

Your light reign in our hearts. Let us rejoice in our salvation and live our lives in the grace and joy of Easter.

February 2024

Lord, we pray that every evil working against unity in the world will be silenced and instead that the seed of love be sown in every human heart.


January 2024

We welcome the entrance of Another new year.

A time to take inventory

is once again here.

We count our successes,

We remember failures too.

We desire to improve

In everything that we do.


Let's strive to be better

Servants of our Lord God

And be a blessing to others

As on life's road we trod.

A new year to serve Jesus,

For that we should rejoce.

May He top our priority list.

May serving Him be first choice.

By Margaret Cagle


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