Last year, as a result of the Covid pandemic and our being out of the Church buildings, we started our 'Vestry Days'. This provided members of our Congregation the opportunity to give their normal weekly offerings to the Church on specific days where the Lower Hall would be opened.

This proved very successful and both I and the Session would like to express our thanks to all who participated.

We're now back in the Sanctuary on Sunday mornings.  Although everyone can now attend Service as before, we're conscious that not everyone is comfortable to return yet.  We have decided to continue with our Vestry Days for those members not yet attending on Sundays to provide them the opportunity to bring their offerings to the Church.  

Our next Vestry Day is planned for Saturday 19th March.  The Lower Hall will be open between 10am and 12 noon.

We look forward to seeing you there.


Rev Bob

Church 2 November 2020