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September 2023

Half way through September already and hasn't it just been beautiful? Here are some photographs taken down at the Marina on Monday 11 September 2023. In case you are wondering what the second photo is - there's a path from the Boathouse which leads up to the road. On one side of the path it's made of intertwined willow trees, quite lovely. Hope you like these!

August 2023

Well, here we are in August already and I hear that some shops have Christmas displays already! What is going on? Anyway, here are a few photographs taken earlier this month which I hope you will enjoy looking it. We are so blessed with the lovely surroundings and scenery here in Kilsyth. The first is from Banton Loch (the dam) . The second one was taken from the canal path heading towards Twechar where there is an opening and if you cross the road (carefully) another path leads to the Kelvin walkway.

Spiers Island 5 Aug 23.jpg

We're now into the second half of August and hopefully the sun will contine to shine. Here are a couple of photos of the church and grounds. The garden is looking really lovely thanks to the Mission Group gardeners and helpers.

July 2023

At time of adding this post, it's only the 4th of July and so far it doesn't feel like it weather-wise. I suppose the gardens and the farmers need the rain though! These photographs were taken on the path behind the canal heading up towards Nethercroy then on the way down, I couldn't resist taking a quick snap of the swans! Depending on the weather, there's still three weeks of July remaining so we'll just have to wait and see.