While restrictions for the Coronavirus prevent us from attending services within the Church building we can still gather together in worship using our Conference Call facility.

Not everyone can dial in at the appointed  time, but in order that people do not miss out, we are recording these services and making them available via our website. 

Please select the Service you wish to listen to from those listed below. Click HERE to access the recordings from previous months.

You may also enjoy listening to the 'chat' at the start of each recording as our people dial in ahead of the commencement of the services!

We've been delighted at the number of people 'attending' our telephone Services. On Sundays we have an average of 130 dial-ins - with couples and families this brings attendance up to around 150 people. And our Wednesday Mid Week Service averages 40 dial-ins, again this equates to around 50 participants.


The age range of participants - that we're aware of - ranges from 9 years old to 99 years young!

NOTE - The actual start point of each service has been included in the title should you wish to skip the 'blether' at the beginning of the recording and just listen to the service.  For example the Mid Week Service for 1st July starts 11 minutes and 14 seconds into the recording so shown within the title as (11:14m). 

Mid Week Service 1st July 2020 (11:14m)
00:00 / 25:27
Sunday Worship 5th July 2020 (12:08m)
00:00 / 45:04
Mid Week Service 8th July 2020 (9:37m)
00:00 / 24:23
Sunday Worship 12th July 2020 (12:31m)
00:00 / 54:33
Mid Week 15th July 2020 (9:55m)
00:00 / 22:14
Mid Week 22nd July 2020 (10:20m)
00:00 / 30:14
Sunday Worship 19th July 2020 (12:08m)
00:00 / 1:06:28
Sunday Worship 2nd August 2020 (12:22m)
00:00 / 42:59
Mid Week Service 5th August 2020 (12:00m)
00:00 / 28:08

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