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A Tribute to Maureen

This lady who was talented, gifted, modest and shy, could also be mischievious with a twinkle in her eye,

A fond memory of when she bought a convertible car, took one of the choir in it, though not very far,

Maureen had a faith which was strong and deep, with God inspired talent that she did not keep,

At weekly practice she kept us in our places, with advice to correct us as she looked into our faces.

                                             * * * This lady with purple hair * * *

With her quiet and dogged determination, new anthems we learned without trepidation,

When we listen to recordings  and she hits the wrong note, it will make us smile and think of her quote,

"Straight into the right key, stop sliding in", "this is not a karaoke, but a church choir you are in".

Encouraging us to do our best, in singing God's praises and in His presence rest.

                             * * * This lady with purple hair * * *

She composed some beautiful hymns and songs, depicting God's eternal love to which we'd sing along,

She showed interest in what each person would do or say, and made you feel like your best friend was  with you that day.

The "Living Stones" has been recorded in history, a present from Maureen as a living legacy.

She shared her words and music to live on in our hearts, "Be Still" we sang for her as we had to part.

                              * * * This lady with purple hair * * *

Concerning her hair colours she was a fashionista, with grey hair one week and the next magenta.

This purple haired angel, funny lady, special lady, serene lady, wonderful person and friend,

Beautiful lady, nice person, who treated all with respect, who opened her heart to the Lord,

Was tuned into God, a faithful servant of God and now singing his praises with the heavenly choirs.

We say thank you for your friendship to *** This lady with purple hair *** and God bless.

Timothy 4:7 I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith.

The Burns & Old Parish Choir - Thoughts and memories

Words penned by Anne Russell                                             Picture by kind permission of Violet Gourlay


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