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Below her husband explains: Why a cuddle bed?

"My understanding is that the Strathcarron Hospice first cuddle bed was given by a guy whose mother was in the hospice but at that time, no cuddle bed was available. He had seen a cuddle bed on the internet and was so impressed by it that he started fund raising once his mother had passed. For the patient, a cuddle bed is a double sized hospital bed with air bags which release pressure on all of the body. The air bags adjust when you move, thus minimising things like bed sores and sore limbs. For the family and friends, the cuddle bed allows visitors to get on the bed with the patient to give and receive cuddles. What a feeling it is when your loved one and yourself can cuddle up and spend precious time together, it really is priceless. For the nursing staff, the cuddle bed is a bit harder work when moving the patients up and down the bed, as one has to get onto the bed and lift the patient when with a normal bed, both would be doing this task standing. But I believe the nurses would take the extra hour labout and have a cuddle bed in every room.

In summing up, The Cuddle Bed allowed comfort and joy to Maureen and the family and in my opinion it's the best thing in the world."


Our Remembrance Tree was sponsored for the Cuddle Bed for Strathcarron Hospice in memory of our friend Maureen Divers. 

The donations this year amounted to £765 which has been delivered to them.


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