Mary's Meals Back Pack Appeal, 2019

Our annual bag packing fundraiser for Mary's Meals has once again been a resounding success. Every item and penny donated has been used or spent wisely to ensure that we could send as many backpacks as possible to children who so desperately need a hand-up in life with their education. Your generosity this year has been tremendous and allowed us to pack 370 backpacks.


The support we have received from our congregation as well as friends and friends of friends outwith the community has been as strong as ever and we send them our heart-felt thanks for supporting us once again.






Thank you to everyone who has sorted and made ready the contents of the back packs over the past year. This made filling the back packs so straightforward on the day. Thanks too, goes to the boys and girls of the Sunday School who also joined in the packing. To everyone who stayed on after Church and joined the assembly line of packers - thank you. It was great to see so many new faces among the familiar ones.

The back packs are now stacked in the Church to form part of our Harvest Thanksgiving and will be uplifted by the charity on Tuesday 8 October. The remainder of the monetary donations not spent at this time will be used to buy out-of-season goods (at bargain prices) throughout the coming months, all in anticipation of next year.

As ever, at this time of year when we see the back packs stacked up in church, we reflect on the fact that working together as a team can achieve so much and a reminder from Magnus MacFarlane-Barrow (Mary's Meals founder and Chief Executive) who has said in the past "Mary's Meals is a series of lots of little acts of love. If you put all those acts of sacrifice together, it creates a beautiful thing". We have created 370 "little acts" of our own love and that indeed is a beautiful thing.

Once again, "thank you" does not quite cover it for all the donations, time and effort so willingly given but on behalf of everyone involved - THANK YOU. Mary

Our big bag packing weekend for this year's Mary's Meals Back Pack Appeal begins on Friday 13 September at 10.00am when items will be sorted and made ready for packing. Filling the bags will take place on Sunday 15 September after morning worship.

If you can spare even half an hour on any of these days to help, we would be pleased to see you. If you can stay longer on Sunday, then please bring your lunch to fortify you!  This is a huge team effort with many hands making light work and any help you can provide is greatly appreciated. If nothing else, you will enjoy the chat and a cuppa while we work!

2018 Backpack collection

Thank you to many of you who have already donated items, given monetary donations (which we are spending wisely) we all love a bargain; making your donations go as far as possible. We are also delighted that Mary's Meals have given us some stock, helping to boost our supplies as well.

Items required

Back Pack, Shorts & T-shirts/Dresses (age 4-12 years)

Flip-flops/Sandals (up to adult size 5)

Pencil Case*, Lead Pencils, Coloured Pencils, Pens, Ruler*, Rubber, Pencil Sharpener*, Notebook*, Spoon*,  Bar of Soap*, Toothbrush*, Toothpaste*, Tennis Balls, Towels.

With a lot of the sorting and collating already done at this stage, we have a better handle on what is essentially needed and to that effect the items marked * in the list are things we would be especially pleased to have. Any item though will be gratefully received.

We aim to have all the bags completed for our Harvest Thanksgiving Service, Sunday 6 October, after which they will be uplifted by the charity on Tuesday 8 October.

Thank you once again for your support on behalf of the Back Pack team.


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