Sunday School

In October, the children enjoyed bulb planting and they each took home a bowl filled with crocus bulbs. At Hallowe'en we watched a short dvd of Patch the Pumpkin. Patch has a big heart and we saw how he learned about sharing and caring for others in his adventure to help a little lost girl. There were colouring and puzzle sheets about Patch's story.

We are delighted to have a number of new games for the children to enjoy. These were donated to the Sunday School by Bob and Anna and we are most grateful to them.

Many thanks to everyone from the Church and the Guild who supported the Faith Mission book stall and to Jennifer, Mary, Liz and Sheila who organised, set up and sold items.

Christmas is fast approaching and it is such a special time of year.  We will have plenty of fun activities to keep the children busy over the coming weeks and this is a great time to encourage more youngsters to come and join  us. All welcome!


Harvest Festival 

The boys and girls took part in the annual harvest service on Sunday 30 September. The Church was filled with a colourful array of foods which were donated by the congregation and would be passed on to the local food bank. The children added their own gifts to the display at the front of the church.

The 350 back packs, many of which were filled by the children, were displayed in the Praise Corner and Ross Chalmers spoke about the Mary's Meals back pack project. A short DVD was shown and the children saw the long journey of a backpack to its final destination. They also  saw the excitement and delight of the children who received the backpacks.

The boys and girls each said a short prayer about our need to share with others.

Our usual Sunday school time in the hall includes stories, songs, crafts and puzzles. We now have a television which allows us to watch short DVD's from the Storybook Bible and to play songs.

As we return after the summer holidays, we are looking forward to the new session, with lots of activities to keep the children busy. Last year the boys and girls had great fun helping with the Mary's Meals back packing and we will be involved with this again soon.

It would be wonderful to welcome some children to join us. Please encourage young ones in your family to come along on a Sunday and see what we do. If you have or know any young children who may be interested, please contact us.

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