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29 November
Today, we thought about the Wise Men and how God sent his Son for the whole world. We discussed what it would have been like in Bethlehem, what the houses would be like etc. Then we thought about the whole world and how different things are, even the words we use to describe the same things. We had a lively quiz about this, with even more suggestions from the boys and girls; well done!
There was also an update about Worku, the boy we sponsor through World Vision, along with a recent photograph. Worku lives in a village in Ethiopia and we searched for this on our map. We have already sent a card to him with wishes for Joy, Peace and Hope at Christmas.


22 November

Today, we began a series looking at the people involved in the Nativity story and we thought about Mary and Joseph who received such amazing news from the angels.  We learned what kind of man Joseph was and that he was always obedient to God.

We completed a crossword and had an active game followed by an action song. A pack will be sent to all the children before next Sunday with Christmas craft materials as well as activity sheets and word searches. We hope they will enjoy this special time of year in the life of the Church.

15 November

As the adults held a Communion Service today, the Sunday School held a celebration of The Lord's Supper on our Zoom meeting. We all had a piece of bread and some juice or water and joined together as if we were sharing a special meal. We explained why we do this in remembrance of Jesus. We closed our meeting by saying The Lord's Prayer together.

8 November

Our ​Zoom meeting today was all about Remembrance Sunday. Lorraine had a wonderful display behind her with the large outline of a soldier and other pictures, plus lots and lots of poppies. She discussed with the children why there is a Remembrance Day and what it is all about. She spoke about some people known to her who were particularly affected as a result of recent wars. Prayers were said for those who lost their lives and for peace in our world.

1 November

This week, we heard the story of Matthew (also called Levi). He was a tax collector and the Jewish people did not like people who collected taxes for the Romans, especially as most of the took more money than they should and kept it for themselves. Jesus called Matthew to leave his work and follow Him. Matthew did as Jesus said and he prepared a feast for Jesus at this house. People were angry that Jesus should eat with such people but Jesus told them that He was there to forgive people and bring them to God.

25 October
Lorraine and Emma dressed the part for our Hallowe'en themed Zoom meeting today and the boys and girls showed us the decorations they will put in their windows. These included pumpkins which were an important part of our story today. Each year, we tell a World Vision story with a Christian message about Patch, the little Pumpkin with a big heart. This time, Patch was sad when he was left on the side lines during a football match with Amira and her friends, but was thrilled when he was later included and in fact helped score a goal! The story reminds us how important it is for us to include people who might feel left out.
 We hope the children will enjoy looking for pumpkins in windows when they are out walking and we will hear how many they have found when we meet again next week.


4 October

Today's Zoom meeting began with a lively action song from Lorraine and this was followed by a prayer by Emma. Our story was about Hidden Treasures and related to all the people around us who go about quietly helping others. Jesus told his disciples that whenever they did something to help other people, it was a though they were doing it for Him.

The boys and girls have worksheets to complete with pictures or names of people who help us. There is also a prayer cube to make up and use, to help in our prayers, eg "thank you", "sorry" etc.

After an action video song we closed the meeting with prayer.

13 September

Everyone was delighted to see our minister, Bob on screen briefly at the beginning of our Zoom meeting today. We hope the congregation on the conference call could hear the children saying hello at the start of the church service.

Today, we continued the story of Jacob who had fled from home and gone to live with his uncle in Haran. His Uncle Laban had two daughters, Leah and her younger sister Rachel. Jacob asked his uncle if he could marry Rachel and his uncle agreed, provided Jacob worked for him for seven years. Jacob did this and when the time came for him to marry Rachel, his uncle tricked him and he marred Leah instead. (It was the custom for the oldest daughter to be married first.) So, Jacob had to work for another seven years before he could also marry Rachel. That was a long time!

Jacob continued to work for Laban for many years and was paid in sheep and goats. He became a wealthy man. He had a large family of 11 sons and one daughter. One day, God told Jacob that he should take his family and return home. God promised that he would always be with him.

Next week, we will see what happened when Jacob returned home again and met with his brother Esau.

20 September

Today, we completed this part of Jacob's story. God had told Jacob that it was time to return home so he set off with his whole family, his servants and his animals. Jacob was worried about seeing his brother Esau again and more so when the messengers he sent ahead told him that Esau was coming to meet him with 400 men. Jacob chose various animals as presents for Esau, to be sent ahead with his servants. Jacob prayed to God for help and when he finally met his brother, Esau welcomed him with open arms and all the old quarrels were forgotten.

Many years later, Jacob's family became known as the children of Israel. All God's promises to Jacob had been fulfilled.

This story reminds us that God is always with us, wherever we are and whatever is happening in our lives.


16 August

We resumed our Zoom meetings for the new session and it was great to see the children again. Lorraine welcomed everyone and we all had a little time to catch up. Emma  opened the meeting with a prayer and this was followed by a prayer from Scott who had made up his own words for the prayer. Well done and thank you both.

(Left is a photo of the sunflowers grown by Isla and Cara.)

Lorraine and Emma played a music video which showed the actions for everyone to follow. They gave a lively demonstration themselves, but the children were a bit slow to join in - perhaps next week.  The music was followed by a quiz about the stories we had heard last session. In order for everyone to take part at the same time, there was a choice of two answers to each question and everyone put their hands up for what they thought was the correct answer. the boys and girls did brilliantly with almost every single answer being correct.

Next, we had a few "back to school" jokes and then an update on the sunflowers. Cara and Isla were the definite winners with huge plants and great big flowers. The meeting was closed with a prayer which everyone repeated.  It was good to be back and we hope that more children will be able to join us next week.

New Session

The autumn session of the Sunday School will be "Zooming" back into action on Sunday 16 August at 11.00am. Lorraine will e-mail a link to enable you to join the Zoom meetings. We look forward to seeing you again, boys and girls.

If you know of any other children who would like to join us, please contact us via the website for more information. All are welcome!


Sunday 28 June

Today was the last Zoom meeting this session. Due to the ever-changing situation at present, we will give an update nearer the time as to how and when we will restart after the holidays. Thank you to all the children who have joined us over the past weeks and we hope you have enjoyed seeing each other.  We will miss you all during the holidays! Good wishes were also passed on to the boys and girls from Bob, our minister, who was unable to join our meetings as they took place at the same time as the church service.

This week, Lorraine began by welcoming everyone and getting their news. Emma opened the meeting with a prayer and this was followed by a prayer read by Cara and Isla - well done girls. This week's story about a man sowing seeds is printed below for those who missed it. A number of weeks ago, Lorraine had given each of the boys and girls a sunflower seedling and they gave us an update as to the progress of their plants. No flowers yet, but we hope for pictures later.

6 September

We were delighted to see the boys and girls on Zoom today although some internet connections were causing problems. Our story today was the beginning of a series about Jacob. We learned that after tricking his father into giving him the blessing that should rightfully have gone to his brother Esau, Jacob had to leave his home and go to stay with his uncle Laban who lived in Haran.

It was a long journey and Jacob stopped to rest at sunset. He lay down to sleep with his head rested on a large rock. He had a dream. He saw a ladder reaching from earth to heaven with angels going up and down on it and he heard God speaking to him. God promised Jacob many things and said that He would watch over him and never leave him.

We thought about how God is always with us no matter where we are or what we are doing.

We all had a chat together and then closed the meeting with a prayer. 

The Seeds that fall on Good Soil

Jesus told this story and then explained what the story meant:

There once was a man who went out to sow corn seeds. As he scattered the seed, some of it fell on the path and it was eaten by birds. Some seed fell on rocky ground, but as soon as the plants started to grow, they shrivelled up in the hot sun. This happened because there was not enough soil for the plants to have good roots. Some seed fell among weeds. As the plants grew, they were choked out by the weeds. Some of the seed fell on good soil and grew into healthy plants and produced a lot of corn.

Jesus explained:

Like the seeds that fall on the path, some people hear God's word but do not understand it and do not accept it.

Like the seeds that fall on rocky ground, some people are glad to receive God's message, but when things go wrong, they give up. This is because they are like young plants without good roots.

The seeds that fall among the weeds are like people who let their love of money and other worries choke out God's message.

The seeds which fall on good soil are like people who hear what God is saying and accept His word. They go on to do good things in their lives because they put God's message into practice.

Here are Cara and Isla's sunflowers - they  must have very green fingers! Well done girls.

Twins Sunflowers.JPG

30 August

Thank you to everyone who joined us for our regular Sunday School meeting today on Zoom. Unfortunately, there were technical issues and Lorraine will be contacting Zoom to sort out the problem before next week.

We were disappointed not to get a proper chance to spend time with the children today but we look forward to seeing them all next week.

Please do join us boys and girls!

23 August

This week's Zoom meeting began with one of the Christian music videos which has actions for the children to follow. The girls were joining in this week! Emma said her own very meaningful prayer which spoke about the children being back at school and how they might feel about that. Cara and Isla told us about their pet rabbits and how they look after them and how much they care about them. There was more music and chat and we all joined together in a closing prayer.

Sunday 21 June

At our Zoom meeting on Sunday 21st June, once again hosted by Lorraine, we began with an opening prayer from Emma.  This was followed by a prayer read by Aaron.  Well done to both of them.  Then, as this was Fathers’ Day, we heard the story of The Lost Son.  We were happy to learn that some of the boys and girls were planning to do special things for their father, such as making his lunch!

Once again we encourage the children to send in pictures of their crafts.  This week it is a hanging decoration with a message and incudes hearts with the names of those we love.

My Son was Lost . . . . (The Prodigal Son)

As we know, Jesus met with all kinds of different people as he went about teaching, and they were not always people who did the right thing.  This caused the Jewish teachers of the law to complain about Jesus and the people he was meeting, so Jesus did what He often did.  He told them a story.

There once was a man with two sons.  One day, the younger son asked his father for his share of his inheritance now.  The father gave him half of his wealth and the young man left home and travelled to another country.  He had a great time enjoying himself, but soon he had spent all his money.

Then there was a famine in that country.  That means there was no food!  The only work the son could find was a job looking after pigs.  He was so hungry that he could have eaten the pig’s food.

What was he going to do?  He thought about home.  Even his father’s servants would have food to spare.  He decided that he would go home, apologise to his father for going away and ask if he would hire him as one of his servants.

He set off for home and when his father saw him coming he rushed out to meet him.  He threw his arms around him and welcomed him home.

The son said sorry, as planned.  His father called the servants to bring him new clothes and to kill a calf and prepare a meal to celebrate his return.

He thought his son was lost, or even dead and was so pleased that he was home again.

When the elder son came home from work in the fields he heard the sound of the celebration. He asked a servant what was happening and was told that his brother had returned home.  He was very angry and would not go into the house.  When his father came out to see what was wrong, his son told him “I have worked hard for you for all these years and you have never had a celebration for me.  Now you are celebrating with my brother who went away with all your money.”

“My son,” he said, “you are always with me and you know that everything I own is yours, but your brother was lost, and now he’s found again, so we must celebrate.”

In this story Jesus was explaining that many people do the wrong thing and they must learn from their mistakes and be forgiven.

Sunday 14 June

We were delighted to see the boys and girls (and a few Mums) at our Zoom meeting on Sunday 14 June. Well done to those who showed us the houses they made after last week's story. Our story this week was about David and Goliath. A familiar story, but one worth looking at again. It is printed below as a reminder, or for those who missed the meeting.

Once again, Emma read the opening prayer and after the story, we planned a picture/craft to be done at home. We hope some photos might be sent in for everyone to see.

Thanks to Lorraine for hosting the meeting and for arranging the closing music for the "Alligator Song" which everyone could dance along to at home. Boys and girls - keep practicing for next week!

David and Goliath

Before the story begins, let me tell you what had happened to David.

King Saul ruled over the Israelites, but he kept disobeying God, so God told the prophet Samuel it was time to find a new king. He was to go to Bethlehem to visit a man named Jesse because God had chosen one of his sons to be the next king after Saul.

Samuel meet with Jesse and his sons. He was surprised when God told him to choose the youngest son David. Samuel then anointed David with oil, which was a special way of promising him that he would be the next king. From that day on, the power of the Lord was with David.

David continued to watch over his father's sheep in the fields. Then one day he was sent to take food to his brothers who were in King Saul's army. When he got there, he found that they were facing an army of Philistines. Their champion was a giant of a man wearing heavy armour and holding a large sword. His name was Goliath and he marched up and down every day shouting "Where is the champion of Israel? Send him out to fight me."

David and Goliath 1

Well, Goliath was really big and scary and everyone was afraid of him. No-one volunteered, so David said "I will fight this giant". Everyone laughed  because David was just a boy, but when the King heard this, he sent for David.

"I have fought lions and bears to protect my father's sheep. God protected me then and He will protect me now" said David. Saul eventually agreed and gave David his own armour. As you can guess, it was so big and heavy that David could not even move, so he took it all off. He picked up his sling, chose five smooth stones from the stream, put them in a pouch around his waist, and went out to meet the giant.

Goliath roared with laughter when he saw the boy and said "Is this your champion?". David said "I come in the name of God of Israel and today everyone will know that He is the one true God".  As Goliath moved towards him, David took a stone from his bag, placed it into his sling and took aim. The stone hit Goliath right between his eyes and he toppled over and fell to the ground.

When the Philistines saw that their champion was dead, they ran into the hills and the Israelites gave chase. The boy with God on his side had beaten the mighty giant!

Years later, after Saul's death, David became King of Israel. So remember, it doesn't matter how big or strong you are, God can use you in wonderful ways if you believe in Him and trust in Him.

Sunday 7 June

On Sunday 7 June, we held another Sunday School Zoom meeting. Again, thanks to Lorraine for hosting this and to Emma for reading the opening prayer.  Boys and girls, we are so pleased to see you on a Sunday. Thank you all for taking the time to join us.

After hearing the story, the children each "built" their own cardboard house and we hope they will send in pictures of the finished houses.

For those who couldn't join us today, this is the story:

The Wise & Foolish Builders

Jesus told the story of two men who each decided to build a house. That's a really big job!

The first man gathered together everything he would need to build his house and started to build straight away. The walls went up in no time and the roof was on more quickly than you can imagine. He looked like a star builder and was very pleased with himself.

The other man laid a strong foundation and then started to build on top of it. He worked very, very carefully and he seemed so slow compared to the other house builder.

Aaron's House

The first house was finished but it was ages before the other man finished his house. Eventually, they were both settled in their houses.

One day, a raging storm broke out. The houses were pelted with rain, blown by the gale and deluged with rising water on the ground.

The walls of the first house (the one that was built on the sand with no foundation) started to rattle. Then the house shook and the roof cracked and before long the house crashed to the ground.  Meanwhile, the other house was unshaken by the storm because it was built on a firm foundation.  The rain didn't damage it and the floods didn't wash it away.  The gale didn't take off the roof and the house stood absolutely firm.

Living our lives is like building a house. If we live our lives following the teachings of Jesus, He will be our strong foundation.

Sunday 31 May

We were delighted to see the boys and girls taking part in the Sunday School "Zoom" meeting. Lorraine welcomed the children an Emma began our meeting with a prayer. This was followed by the story of Jonah. Once again the story is written below for those who were unable to join us or to give the children a chance to read the story again.

Jonah and the Whale

Every week we ask the children to send in a photo of their art work, whether it is their own drawing of the story, or colouring in, or perhaps a model they have made.

Jonah and the Enormous Fish

We read in the Bible how God chose people to be his messengers. These people were called prophets. But they were not all willing to say "yes" when God called them.

One day, God told Jonah to go to the city of Nineveh, the capital of Assyria, with a message. The Assyrians were the enemies of God's people. "Tell them that in forty days Nineveh will be destroyed, unless the people stop doing wicked things.

Jonah was afraid to go and he thought "God forgives people so He won't destroy Nineveh" so he ran away.

Instead of going to Nineveh, Jonah went to Joppa and got on a boar heading for Spain. God was angry with Jonah for disobeying Him, so He created a huge storm at sea and the people on board were afraid that the boat would be ripped apart. "Pray to our gods" the crew shouted. Meanwhile, Jonah had been sleeping below decks. When the captain wakened him and told him to pray like everyone else, Jonah refused.

The storm got worse and the boat was being tossed about. Jonah told the men that the storm was all his fault and that they should throw him overboard.  The captain refused at first, but as the storm got worse, he did as Jonah asked. They threw him overboard and at one the sea became calm.  Jonah thought he was going to drown and he called for help.  God heard him and sent an enormous fish to swallow him alive. For three days, Jonah was in the dark inside the big fish. He prayed to God and told Him how sorry he was for disobeying Him.

God knew that Jonah was really sorry for running away, so He made the fish throw Jonah up onto the beach. This time when God again told Jonah to go to Nineveh, Jonah did as he was told. The people of Nineveh listened to Jonah when he gave them God's message and immediately changed how they lived. When God saw that they had given up their wicked ways, He did not destroy the city.

Sunday 24 May

Lorraine hosted our first trial Sunday School "Zoom" meeting on Sunday 24 May and we were delighted to be able to see the children, to welcome them back and to invite them to join us each Sunday.

This week, our story was The Good Samaritan; especially important in the current times. A copy of the story is included here for those who may not have been able to join us today.

We have asked the children to send in pictures of some of the things they have drawn or made. This first week it could be rainbow pictures, or perhaps a picture of our story today, or of people being kind to others.

Children, please remember to include your name and age. Thank you! Here is one from Scott, aged 9, on the right.

Scott's NHS Picture.jpg

The Good Samaritan

Jesus was so popular with the people that the religious leaders became very jealous of him and they wanted to get rid of him.

Some tried to catch him out with difficult questions, such as "What do I need to do to have eternal life?".

"What does God's Law say that you should do?" Jesus asked the man.

"I must love God with all my heart and strength and mind" answered the man. "And I must love my neighbour as myself. But what does that mean? Who is my neighbour?"

To answer the question, Jesus did what he often did; he told a story.

There was once a man, who was on a journey from Jerusalem to Jericho. On the way, he was attacked by robbers.  They beat him and left him for dead. Soon after, a priest passed along the road. When he saw the man, he walked on the other side.

Then a teacher of the Law came along. He did nothing to help the man either. He too crossed over and continued his journey.

Later, a Samaritan, a man who came from the land of Samaria, came along. He saw the man and immediately felt sorry for him. He gently cleaned the man's wounds. And then with great care, he placed him on his own donkey and took him to a nearby inn.

Next day, when the Samaritan had to leave, he gave the innkeeper some money and said "Take care of this man. When I come this way again, I will pay you any extra that you have to spend".

The Samaritan did all this, even though the injured man was a Jew and the Jews did not like the Samaritans.

Jesus looked at the man who had asked the question and said "Who do you say behaved like a real neighbour?" "The good Samaritan" replied the man. "Then go", said Jesus "and try to be more like him".

February & April

The boys and girls have been busy over a few weeks with a number of activities around the story of Noah and the Ark. We watched the story on a short dvd, played games and did various crafts. We now have a big new notice board where the children can pin up their artwork and messages relating to different bible stories. We hope they will enjoy letting everyone seeing what they have been doing.


It was good to see a number of the children and their families joining in the Congregational Lunch in January. The boys and girls enjoyed sausage rolls and crisps instead of the haggis! We were delighted that people took away the pots of bulbs which the boys and girls had planted in the autumn.



December was a very busy month for us, with the Christmas Tree Festival where the children decorated a Prayer Tree and displayed a book with the children's own prayers. Well done boys and girls! We also raised funds through the baking stall. We really appreciate the help from everyone who supplied wonderful baking, sold cakes and bought the goodies. Thank you so much.

As always, the children would like to thank everyone who so generously support us through the year - it is very much appreciated.

The children from all parts of our Sunday School took part in the Nativity Service on Sunday 22 December. All joined in willingly, either singing, relating the Nativity story or reading from the Bible. The children then finished off the service by handing out a small gift to all the congregation.


At Hallowe'en, the children watched the latest World Vision Christian dvd of "Patch the Pumpkin and the Peace Camp". When someone new comes along, Patch shows that he has a big heart and encourages the others to be kind, to share, to help others and to include everyone.

As a follow-up to this, the next week we made BUDDY BRACELETS which will be sent to boys and girls in other countries to show that we care about them.

The Faith Mission Shop book stall was a huge success this year, with a total of £125 in commission and donations. We would like to thank everyone from the Church and the Women's Guild who kindly purchased cards, books and gifts. Grateful thanks also to Jennifer, Mary and Sheila for all their work in organising and running the book stall. 


Once again this year, the boys and girls worked hard filling backpacks for Mary's Meals and as usual they did a great job. The following  week, the children were shown a short fun video and  took part in a great activity with lots of messy paints!

In preparation for harvest, we planted little pots of cress seeds which grew very quickly and one week later were taken to the Harvest Thanksgiving Service.

Bags waiting to be packed 2019

This was a lively service involving children from all the Church organisations and it was good to see them all joining in the final song playing a variety of musical instruments. We would be delighted to see more children joining us each Sunday. 

July & August (summer)

Children from the Creche and Sunday School had a great day out at the Five Sisters Zoo before the summer break. Apart from seeing all the animals, there was a ride on the Hobby Horses, fun at the play park and ice cream to enjoy.

We are now looking forward to the new session with a range of activities to keep the boys and girls busy.

This session will close with the Sunday School Celebration Service on 23 June, followed by games in the hall. We will resume on Sunday 18 August. Many thanks to Rev Bob and everyone in the congregation for their continued support of the Sunday School.

Summer Club

The Summer Club for all school age children will meet in the large hall and begin this year on Sunday 30 June with the following activities:

30 June - Mr McConnell

7 July - Trip to Colzium

14 July - Beetle Drive

21 July - Board Games

28 July - Hamma Beads

4 August - Joint Service (Storehouse)

11 August - Mrs Wren's Surprise Day


The children had an Easter Egg hunt in the church - great fun! Then they handed out chocolate eggs to everyone in the congregation. Once in the hall, the children decorated eggs and rolled them down our wee "hill". Great fun enjoyed by the children as well as our visiting elders who happily joined in!

Using the DVD, we have been following the story of Jesus from His entry into Jerusalem, through the events of Holy Week to the joy of the resurrection so that we all know what Easter is really all about.

Sunday School Biscuits 3.jpg

Mothering Sunday

For Mother's Day, the children iced biscuits with icing, cherries, sprinkles and love.

Sunday School Biscuits 2.jpg

Communion Sunday

On Communion Sunday, the children wondered why they weren't allowed in the church, so it was agreed we would have our own.

Here you can see some of the children enjoying their very own "taste of communion"

Sunday School Comunion.jpg


We are starting to work on a new topic this month based on planting new seeds and seeing how this can help others grow and flourish.

January is normally a quiet month but this year the congregation joined together for the wonderful Scottish themed lunch. We were delighted to offer bowls of crocus bulbs to anyone who wanted to take them home after the lunch. The children had planted these in the autumn and we thank the adults who looked after them until they came into flower. A lovely piece of brightness in January.




The children enjoyed bulb planting and they each took home a bowl filled with crocus bulbs.

At Hallowe'en we watched a short DVD of Patch the Pumpkin. Patch has a big heart and we saw how he learned about sharing and caring for others in his adventure to help a little lost girl. There were colouring and puzzle sheets about Patch's story.

We are delighted to have a number of new games for the children to enjoy. These were donated to the Sunday School by Bob and Anna and we are most grateful to them.

Many thanks to everyone from the Church and the Guild who supported the Faith Mission book stall and to Jennifer, Mary, Liz and Sheila who organised, set up and sold items.

Christmas is fast approaching and it is such a special time of year.  We will have plenty of fun activities to keep the children busy over the coming weeks and this is a great time to encourage more youngsters to come and join  us. All welcome!


The boys and girls took part in the annual harvest service on Sunday 30 September.

The Church was filled with a colourful array of foods which were donated by the congregation and would be passed on to the local food bank. The children added their own gifts to the display at the front of the church.

Harvest Display 2018


The 350 back packs, many of which were filled by the children, were displayed in the Praise Corner and Ross Chalmers spoke about the Mary's Meals back pack project. A short DVD was shown and the children saw the long journey of a backpack to its final destination. They also  saw the excitement and delight of the children who received the backpacks.

The boys and girls each said a short prayer about our need to share with others.

Our usual Sunday school time in the hall includes stories, songs, crafts and puzzles. We now have a television which allows us to watch short DVD's from the Storybook Bible and to play songs.

As we return after the summer holidays, we are looking forward to the new session, with lots of activities to keep the children busy. Last year the boys and girls had great fun helping with the Mary's Meals back packing and we will be involved with this again soon.


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