The Guild 2018-19

Guild Outing

This year, the Guild Outing is to Ayr on Wednesday 22 May leaving Church Street at 10.00 am. We will stop for a break about 11.00 am then proceed to Ayr.

There are still seats available on the bus. Anyone wishing to go, should contact Janet Kidd or Irene Duncan.

Cost is £25 including high tea at Carlton Hotel, Ayr. Return time should be around 8.00 pm.

February and March 2019

To finish off our 2018-19 session, we had our closing concert with the wonderful "New Day Singers".  The previous week it was the AGM with entertainment from the Church Choir. The Guid is well attended with around 30 ladies every week.

During February, we had a fun Beetle Drive and with all the laughing that went on, everyone seemed to have a good time. Mrs Maggie Lunnan came along on 18 February with a talk on how to relax your body; most enjoyable. Our project evening on 11 February was a talk called "Malawi Oranges" which was most enlightening. We had a demonstration the previous week with Mrs Paxton and her hats.

Burns Night

On 28 January, we celebrated Burns' Night with entertainment by Jill Stevenson and her father.

Our first meeting of the New Year was a movie night; the movie was Paddington 2 which everyone really enjoyed. At the interval, ice cream was served.

On Monday 21 January, our second week, Gail Patrick came along with her two search and rescue dogs. Taz, a collie and Louis, a French bulldog. This was a very interesting and enlightening evening, learning about the work that search and rescue dogs are called out to do.

The photograph shows Gail with Louis and a visitor from Canada with Taz.

On Monday 28 January, we will be holding our annual Burns night with Jill Stevenson.

Dates for February and March:

Monday 4, Nancy Paxton "Hat Lady"

11 February, Project - Malawi

18 February, Mrs Maggie Lunnan

25 February, Beetle Drive

4 March, AGM

11 March, Closing Concert - New Day Singers

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