Social Media Group

We have a recently formed a Social Media Group manned by a few willing volunteers.

Our first task was to review the content of the Kilsyth Burns & Old Parish Church website to ensure it provided an overview of what we are about. 


As a Church and congregation, we are involved in many activities both within and outside of Kilsyth. However we hadn't been very good at sharing this good news with the wider community.


Our new website is far more informative and is being added to and updated on a regular basis.  Contributions are being provided by all members. It is encouraging to see the number of 'hits' our new website is receiving.

We are now considering other social media options including Facebook to ensure that the message of what Kilsyth Burns & Old Parish Church do and are about continues to be shared.

If you are interested supporting this ministry contact us, volunteers are always welcome onto the team helping us spread the good news

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