Christmas Reflective Service

Sunday 9 December 2018

This has been a difficult year for us in Burns & Old with the loss of dear friends and family. The hustle and bustle of Christmas preparations were put to one side while we came together in the candle-lit church for a meaningful service.

The warmth and light from so many candles bathed the congregation in a beautiful, encompassing glow while sitting in contemplative silence amidst their own thoughts.

We recognise that for many people, Christmas exacerbates the feeling of loneliness, loss or even the daily challenges of life so our short service provided a time for people to sit in the sanctuary of church, pray silently and quietly reflect on their own personal thoughts.

A series of candles were lit throughout the service to represent chapters in our everyday lives. A time to remember the loss of dear family and friends; a time to ack-knowledge challenges in our lives and gather courage to face them and a time to thank God for the support we have from those around us.

One candle stood out from the rest, representing Jesus, the Light of the World, bringing us hope, peace and joy and illuminating our darkness.

For many who attended, the simplicity of the candles and silences, coupled with prayers and the meaningful music and singing performed by James Greechan our organist, provided a welcome time of reflection.

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