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December 2022

The weather has turned into a very cold and frosty, sunny December; it's great to get out and about along the Lade Path towards the Colzium. 9 December 2022.

Here are some photos of the canal taken at the end of November.                         

November 2022

Here are some photos from Remembrance Sunday parade. It was a lovely, autumn day and the service was well attended and very emotional.

The autumn colours on the trees are lovely just now; here are some photos taken during the first half of November.

I'm sure you will recognise these as being taken in the grounds of the Colzium Estate.

October 2022

We're almost at the end of October, another very quick year. Hopefully the farmers have all their harvest in by now especially as we have had so much rain this month. The trees are now in their full autumn glory; here are a few taken around the town this month. I hope you like them. You may notice that the first photo is the same as the first one of last month - what a difference 4 weeks makes!

September 2022