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December 2020

Some familiar photos as some of these have been posted here before.

However, it's such a lovely area they deserve another viewing! Anyone any ideas where the view of the church tower could have been taken from?

                 22 December 2020

Frosty scenes around the cooches and the dam, Monday 7 December.


Still lovely, no matter the weather.

November 2020

No colour left at all on the trees now but hopefully some nice reflections on the canal for your enjoyment.


Friday, 27 November 2020

The days are getting darker and shorter but some lighter days too. Here is a photograph of a tree in the Colzium which had to be felled recently due to some of it already falling and accidentally hitting someone. Hopefully that person wasn't too badly hurt.                                                                                               16 November 2020

So nice to see so many wreaths around the War Memorial during this pandemic. 

The colours are definitely changing now and there aren't many leaves left on the trees. However, our wee town is still a lovely place with plenty of walks to do.


Work is being carried out on the marshes so not sure when it will be open to the public again. Here are a few taken today - 4 November 2020.

October 2020

Changing Colours. The first three were taken late afternoon. First - Mattock's Hole from behind Register Road, second looking west from Burngreen Brae and third is Market Street. 12 October 2020.

The second three were taken the next morning (13 October) and show the hills from the Cooches, the path behind Stirling Road and the wooden bridge along the lade path. Open each photograph to see in full. Third row (15 October) - Hill Road (past the golf course), The Academy and - is it Tamtain or Garrell Hill? 4th row - various scenes in the Colzium Grounds. 22 October 2020. Within a space of 10 days, the colours have changed quite dramatically.