August 2020

A beautiful late August day around the Colzium; the walled garden is looking really lovely. We are so fortunate to live with such beautiful surroundings nearby. Each photograph can be selected to see in a larger scale. (24 August 2020)

Here are a few different views, hopefully you will recognise them. The first one is the lovely wee gate into the glen followed by two in the glen. The others are up in the moors, with two different views across Kilsyth. Finally, the Colzium burn taken from Granny's Mutch. Click on each one then follow the arrow to the right. Enjoy!

(3 August 2020)

July 2020

Canal Views

(28 July 2020)

Some more local scenes taken today.


The canal; a view of Kilsyth from the Twechar Road; and the path towards the Kelvin walkway.

Lastly a wild flower which, though not 100% sure, is a hemp nettle. Answers on a postcard please!! Hopefully, you are enjoying these photographs of the lovely, local scenery we have on our doorsteps.


Click on each photograph to see it more clearly.

(20 July 2020)

Some views of Kilsyth Hills from a different angle - the first one shows Kilsyth Primary School and the church tower beyond. The others are taken from the "Cooches". Also a nice view of the avenue of trees leading up to Colzium House. Finally, some geese which I was reminded about recently. (15 July 2020)

Here is a photograph along with some history!


Going up Balcastle Road turn left after the farm and heading towards Queenzieburn, you will see this flat topped mound which is actually a Pictish Fort. We are indeed surrounded with history! It is considered to be the most entire work of it's kind in Scotland.

(Photo taken by choir member, 6 July 2020)

Young Thistle

Young Thistle


Water Lily

Water Lily

On the canal beyond Auchinstarry



Such a nice colour



Among many other wildflowers

Wild Orchid

Wild Orchid

Hopefully this is the correct name!

It's now over 100 days since the beginning of lockdown!

Here are some local wildflowers taken around Kilsyth, plus an update on the swans at Bogside Pond. Please mute the video clip!

(2 July 2020)

June 2020

Even when the weather isn't as nice as it has been, Kilsyth is still a lovely place. 

Here are some photos of a few "weel kent" places - Colzium House, the Bandstand and one of the paths in the Burngreen.


Hopefully, the sun will come back out again soon.

(22 June 2020)

Firstly - haven't the cygnets grown quickly?

Then, some views from the Dumbreck Marsh area over towards Queenzieburn and to the top of Kilsyth as well as the Dumbreck Marsh itself.

(24 June 2020)

The Moors and Auchinstarry

The burn which runs down past the golf course and just before you go onto the moors has some lovely wild flowers at the moment - maybe someone can name them! Meanwhile, down at the quarry, the swan family are growing very quickly and learning from their parents. The lily pads on Bogside pond are opening up beautifully with yellow irises in the background. 15 and 18 June 2020.


Here is a short video clip of the swan family at Auchinstarry Quarry. The little ones are progressing really quickly!

Canal Views

These photographs were taken around the canal and from Nethercroy Hill with views of the Kilsyth Hills.  Look carefully at the first photograph, you can see the church.

The Marina is still beautiful and the dredger was out working today.

Sad to see the Boat House surrounded by fencing,  closed during these times.


There are also some beautiful wild flowers growing around the area at the moment. The yellow Iris is next to the burn along past the football pitches, while the honeysuckle were seen at the Colzium and Burnbank Terrace. The pond at Bogside is absolutely full of yellow water lillies just about to open up. Watch this space! Apparently, these have a strong smell of alcohol, hence it's common name of "brandy bottle".

(13 June 2020)

Auchinstarry Wildlife

At Auchinstarry Quarry, this heron seems to be waiting for a catch - he was very patient anyway. 

Further along the Kelvin, a family of swans seemed to be enjoying the beautiful weather and surroundings.

1 June 2020

May 2020

Curling Pond

Here are two short clips taken at the curling pond showing the ducks and their new chicks. Just listen to all the birds around too.

Allanfauld Farm - clipping the tups!

Here is another video from Libby and Archie showing what happens next in the world of sheep and the shepherds: clipping the tups (male sheep). They must surely feel quite a difference with their coats removed. What a noise they make; they could be heard all over Kilsyth!

The ewes (female sheep) will  be done at the end of June.

Another selection of photographs for you to enjoy, all taken in the Kilsyth Hills.


Very surprising to see Heron up there, hopefully they found what they were looking for. The wild garlic is simply beautiful just now.

If you click on each photograph, you will see them to their full extent. Enjoy!

We're now into the 9th week of lockdown in Scotland; hopefully by next week we may see a slight change in the rules. We can only be thankful for the lovely weather we have had during this time.


Here are some photographs for you to enjoy of our surrounding scenery and some of the wildlife around us. There is a variety of photographs here, so remember to open up fully to enjoy.


These photographs were taken at Auchinstarry Quarry where a new family of swans has arrived. We have been watching and waiting patiently for them to appear. The Canadian Geese are at the Bogside Pond, down behind St Patrick's Primary School.


Click on each photograph to see it fully.

April 2020

Archie and Libby McGregor - of Allanfauld Farm - shared videos of their latest additions to the family . . . this spring's little lambs.

There's nothing quite like the sight of happy little lambs.


This selection was taken on Monday 20 April 2020.


The first is the Lade path heading towards Colzium and I'm sure the others will be easily recognised.

This set of photographs was taken on Thursday 23 April 2020.


After walking along the River Kelvin there is a choice of three paths leading back into the town. These were taken  from the first path which gives an hour's walk.


Some nice wildlife in the pond for you to enjoy.

The blossom is absolutely spectacular just now, both in the Burngreen and on Kingston Road.  This set of photographs was taken on Saturday 25 April.


How lucky we are to have such lovely surroundings on our doorstep.  Literally, because the final photograph is the tree planted on the occasion of the Church's bicentenary in 2016 - it's coming along nicely!

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