Another selection of photographs for you to enjoy, all taken in the Kilsyth Hills.


Very surprising to see Heron up there, hopefully they found what they were looking for. The wild garlic is simply beautiful just now.

If you click on each photograph, you will see them to their full extent. Enjoy!

We're now into the 9th week of lockdown in Scotland; hopefully by next week we may see a slight change in the rules. We can only be thankful for the lovely weather we have had during this time.


Here are some photographs for you to enjoy of our surrounding scenery and some of the wildlife around us. There is a variety of photographs here, so remember to open up fully to enjoy.


These photographs were taken at Auchinstarry Quarry where a new family of swans has arrived. We have been watching and waiting patiently for them to appear. The Canadian Geese are at the Bogside Pond, down behind St Patrick's Primary School.


Click on each photograph to see it fully.

Archie and Libby McGregor - of Allanfauld Farm - shared videos of their latest additions to the family . . . this spring's little lambs.

There's nothing quite like the sight of happy little lambs.


This selection was taken on Monday 20 April 2020.


The first is the Lade path heading towards Colzium and I'm sure the others will be easily recognised.

This set of photographs was taken on Thursday 23 April 2020.


After walking along the River Kelvin there is a choice of three paths leading back into the town. These were taken  from the first path which gives an hour's walk.


Some nice wildlife in the pond for you to enjoy.

The blossom is absolutely spectacular just now, both in the Burngreen and on Kingston Road.  This set of photographs was taken on Saturday 25 April.


How lucky we are to have such lovely surroundings on our doorstep.  Literally, because the final photograph is the tree planted on the occasion of the Church's bicentenary in 2016 - it's coming along nicely!

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