December 2020

Some familiar photos as some of these have been posted here before.

However, it's such a lovely area they deserve another viewing! Anyone any ideas where the view of the church tower could have been taken from?

                 22 December 2020

Frosty scenes around the cooches and the dam, Monday 7 December.


Still lovely, no matter the weather.

November 2020

No colour left at all on the trees now but hopefully some nice reflections on the canal for your enjoyment.


Also, had to include our hairy friends, the heilan' coos! Look at those horns.

Friday, 27 November 2020

The days are getting darker and shorter but some lighter days too. Here is a photograph of a tree in the Colzium which had to be felled recently due to some of it already falling and accidentally hitting someone. Hopefully that person wasn't too badly hurt.                                                                                               16 November 2020

So nice to see so many wreaths around the War Memorial during this pandemic. Also, a lovely tribute from a young child included. 10 Nov 2020. It has come to light that the little stone was painted by one of the Scouts from the local troop. Well done!

The colours are definitely changing now and there aren't many leaves left on the trees. However, our wee town is still a lovely place with plenty of walks to do.


Work is being carried out on the marshes so not sure when it will be open to the public again. Here are a few taken today - 4 November 2020.

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October 2020

View to the west
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Taken from Burngreen Brae
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Market Street, October 2020
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From the cooches
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Path behind Stirling Road
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The Lade Oct 2020
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Hill Road
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Kilsyth Academy
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Tamtain or Garrell Hill_
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Changing Colours. The first three were taken late afternoon. First - Mattock's Hole from behind Register Road, second looking west from Burngreen Brae and third is Market Street. 12 October 2020.

The second three were taken the next morning (13 October) and show the hills from the Cooches, the path behind Stirling Road and the wooden bridge along the lade path. Open each photograph to see in full. Third row (15 October) - Hill Road (past the golf course), The Academy and - is it Tamtain or Garrell Hill? 4th row - various scenes in the Colzium Grounds. 22 October 2020. Within a space of 10 days, the colours have changed quite dramatically.

September 2020

A few scenes around Kilsyth on a lovely September day. Hopefully they are easily recognisable to everyone. The colours are beginning to change and there is a definite autumn feeling in the air.

24 September 2020.

14 Sept 2020 - A beautiful autumn morning in the walled garden at the Colzium for your enjoyment. To see in full screen, click on four-corner square at the bottom right hand corner.

August 2020

A beautiful late August day around the Colzium; the walled garden is looking really lovely. We are so fortunate to live with such beautiful surroundings nearby. Each photograph can be selected to see in a larger scale. (24 August 2020)

Here are a few different views, hopefully you will recognise them. The first one is the lovely wee gate into the glen followed by two in the glen. The others are up in the moors, with two different views across Kilsyth. Finally, the Colzium burn taken from Granny's Mutch. Click on each one then follow the arrow to the right. Enjoy!

(3 August 2020)

July 2020

Canal Views

(28 July 2020)

Some more local scenes taken today.


The canal; a view of Kilsyth from the Twechar Road; and the path towards the Kelvin walkway.

Lastly a wild flower which, though not 100% sure, is a hemp nettle. Answers on a postcard please!! Hopefully, you are enjoying these photographs of the lovely, local scenery we have on our doorsteps.


Click on each photograph to see it more clearly.

(20 July 2020)