Sunday School

December 2019

December was a very busy month for us, with the Christmas Tree Festival where the children decorated a Prayer Tree and displayed a book with the childrens' own prayers. Well done boys and girls! We also raised funds through the baking stall. We really appreciate the help from everyone who supplied wonderful baking, sold cakes and bought the goodies. Thank you so much.


As we begin the new session we look forward to involving the children in lots of different activities to keep them busy and as ever we welcome any children who would like to come and join us.

As always, the children would like to thank everyone who so generously support us through the year - it is very much appreciated.

The children from all parts of our Sunday School took part in the Nativity Service on Sunday 22 December. All joined in willingly, either singing, relating the Nativity story or reading from the Bible. The children then finished off the service by handing out a small gift to all the congregation.


At Hallowe'en, the children watched the latest World Vision Christian dvd of "Patch the Pumpkin and the Peace Camp". When someone new comes along, Patch shows that he has a big heart and encourages the others to be kind, to share, to help others and to include everyone.

As a follow-up to this, the next week we made BUDDY BRACELETS which will be sent to boys and girls in other countries to show that we care about them.

The Faith Mission Shop book stall was a huge success this year, with a total of £125 in commission and donations. We would like to thank everyone from the Church and the Women's Guild who kindly purchased cards, books and gifts. Grateful thanks also to Jennifer, Mary and Sheila for all their work in organising and running the book stall. 

In the next few weeks, the boys and girls will be preparing some items for the Sunday School tree for the Christmas Tree Festival ..... it's a surprise!

All children are welcome to come along and join us each Sunday.

Once again this year, the boys and girls worked hard filling backpacks for Mary's Meals and as usual they did a great job. The following  week, the children were shown a short fun video and  took part in a great activity with lots of messy paints!

In preparation for harvest, we planted little pots of cress seeds which grew very quickly and one week later were taken to the harvest thanksgiving service.

This was a lively service involving children from all the Church organisations and it was good to see them all joining in the final song playing a variety of musical instruments. We would be delighted to see more children joining us each Sunday. 


Children from the Creche and Sunday School had a great day out at the Five Sisters Zoo before the summer break. Apart from seeing all the animals, there was a ride on the Hobby Horses, fun at the play park and ice cream to enjoy.

We are now looking forward to the new session with a range of activities to keep the boys and girls busy. More children would make everything more fun so we would again ask parents and grand-parents to encourage children to come along and see what we do.

The Summer Club for all school aged children has not been well attended this year but those who have come along, have enjoyed what was happening on that day.

This session will close with the Sunday School Celebration Service on 23 June, followed by games in the hall. We will resume on Sunday 18 August.

Many thanks to Rev Bob and everyone in the congregation for their continued support of the Sunday School.

Summer Club

The Summer Club for all school age children will meet in the large hall and begin this year on Sunday 30 June with the following activities:

30 June - Mr McConnell

7 July - Trip to Colzium

14 July - Beetle Drive

21 July - Board Games

28 July - Hamma Beads

4 August - Joint Service (Storehouse)

11 August - Mrs Wren's Surprise Day

Easter Sunday

The children had an Easter Egg hunt in the church - great fun! Then they handed out chocolate eggs to everyone in the congregation. Once in the hall, the children decorated eggs and rolled them down our wee "hill". Great fun enjoyed by the children as well as our visiting elders who happily joined in!

Using the DVD, we have been following the story of Jesus from His entry into Jerusalem, through the events of Holy Week to the joy of the resurrection so that we all know what Easter is really all about.

Mothering Sunday

For Mother's Day, the children iced biscuits with icing, cherries, sprinkles and love.


On Communion Sunday, the children wondered why they weren't allowed in the church, so it was agreed we would have our own.

Here you can see some of the children enjoying their very own "taste of communion"

We are starting to work on a new topic this month based on planting new seeds and seeing how this can help others grow and flourish.

January is normally a quiet month but this year the congregation joined together for the wonderful Scottish themed lunch. We were delighted to offer bowls of crocus bulbs to anyone who wanted to take them home after the lunch. The children had planted these in the autumn and we thank the adults who looked after them until they came into flower. A lovely piece of brightness in January.

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